"Stealth" Talon plane

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Just saw the movie. Decent enough for a "Top Gun" remake. Excelent visual fx and a very cool plane. Anyone here know anyone over at Dreamquest that wants to part with a few molds? :) Seriously though, anybody know if a kit or anything will be made for this?

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Originally posted by Captain April@Jul 30 2005, 11:22 PM
I believe that the effects house called "Dreamquest" has been closed for years now, the film's effects were done by Digital Domain.

Ooops. Your right. My bad. Hey, I got the first letter right though. :)


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Gone but not forgotten.
I know this one is being chatted up on MANY
different Sites . :thumbsup

While the movie is getting B- to F- reviews
all the uber geek fans WANT the PLANES KITTED ... B)

Sadly, I don't think it will happen as it's tanking FAST
at teh box office so no major kit maker will touch it.
And even MORE sadly since there's no DECENT
referance material on the Net for the the GK
gang would have to " guess " at ALLOT of the design
to make a master...


{ Oh, and I'm in the UBER GEEK side that WANTS them.. }



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Naw someone gave me da info pics and drawings many months ago, so i will most definitly be making a FA-37 Talon, if Alfred doesn't make it first.

gotta finish up Firefox first though
Ps. Can't share the pics and drawings, sorry

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There are scale models of both planes on the desk in one scene of the movie. I'd be happy with a resin cast of that. Anybody from the fx shop listening?? :)


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I have no intentions of seeing this movie myself,

but the thing is that there are a MILLION fan-designed and anime series with planes that look like the "Stealth" planes.

If you really must get reference, you might have to wait for the DVD release. I'm sure the film wil be out on DVD by the end of the year... Most of this year's box office duds will. :lol

P.S. -- There have been rumors for years of a plane VERY MUCH like the Stealth design. Basically, it's a cross between an F-14 and X-29 design. It features forward-sweeping wings and it's codenamed "Switchblade" for obvious reasons.

I frankly think the rumor's bunk because variable sweep/swing wings have been abandoned for the better part of 20 years now. It's just easier to design a conventional FIXED wing with variable camber and lift devices without having to account for 5,000-8,000 extra pounds of mass that all the swing motors, gears, and additional structure require for variable sweep. Variable sweep just makes planes bigger, heavier, and a lot more costly in terms of purchase price and maintenance man hours. That last factor is a BIG part of the reason for why the F-14 Tomcat is being retired next year. The maintenance requirements for that plane just made it uneconomical to keep it in service any longer...


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Everyone, if you go to the official movie site, you can download a screensaver that has a 3-view of EDI with a rotating 3-d image as well. plenty of info to create a model.

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I know this is an old thread, but did anyone ever successfully make a kit of the FA-37 Stealth Talon ? None of my searches have turned up anything.

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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ralphee @ Jan 9 2007, 11:14 AM) [snapback]1393949[/snapback]</div>
Is this any good guys?


Its also being discussed here, not my bag so i havent really studied the thread but i new id read about it somewhere.


Hope it helps you guys out.


Thanks Lee. Thats a great thread. Those reference pics will come in handy. Im thinking about scratchbuilding a studio scale model of it. I have experience designing and building RC jets and planes, im hoping that comes in handy here...


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Welcome Doc, i gues youll nail it with RC hull experience, may even be able to carve it from depron, keep us posted sir.


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Looks like the Yukikaze Mave. I have the Platz kit of the MAVE... pretty cool. The Super Sylph is awesome too.


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I had a get together at my place last weekend and one of my friends who attended was trhe Art Director on Stealth.

Had books of awsome pics from the filming. He desingen the small miniatures.


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Looks as if Ron Mendell was the creative designer for the Talon.

Go here:

Also looks as if he had to remove the pics from being downloaded from his site, but... as you can see,.. even though it wasn't filmed and the CG version ruled the screen,.. there was a physical model made and thus would be able to be kept in Studio Scale.

His resume' isn't bad either. ;)

From the tiny pics left over to see of it,.. the Talon Studio Model looks as if it were about 30 inches long.

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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ralphee @ Jan 10 2007, 08:46 AM) [snapback]1394583[/snapback]</div>
Good find Kurt :) , shame the links dont open but at least we can see there was a physical model.


Yeah,.. this is one of my favorite conceptual aircraft designs. Found this guy when the movie came out and would LOVE for someone to get this beastie built to display.

I didn't know you were into model aircraft Lee. Excellent.. :D Richard is as well,...hmmmmmm...lol.... I wonder...
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