Steadi-cam mounted MG42 from Aliens?

I'm watching "Aliens" on AMC right now. Now I've seen tons of Pulse Rifles here, but not a single replica of the gun Lt. Vasquez's a German MG42 and it's attached to what looks to be a Steadi-cam rig. Anyone ever tackle this?

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I've seen someone doing that on FACTS in Belgium 2 years ago, looked nice, and was scratch-built, (not that it really functioned as a steadicam tough.)


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We have a couple of smartgunners that are pretty much finished, and a few more in the works :)
It's a very big build, though, so as you say... Not too common!

I have most of the dressup parts from the dirtbike - All I need's an MG42 and steadicam rig now!
Pfft, what's a few tens of thousands of pounds? ;)

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That is a sweet picture. I would love to do a smartgun, but I'm still in the process of building my Pulse Rifle, and the whole steadicam rig is a bit cost prohibitive. Although I have read about some chinese made ones that are somewhat more affordable.


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Way cool pic! A pulse rifle is definitely on my future to-do list. Lots of other things in front of it right now, though. I also wondered if anyone had tackled the smartgun, and obviously it has!


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Deconstructing a Steadicam is a fun exercise. Spring, cable, pulleys, hinges, and Bob's yer uncle. ;) I had a go at figuring it out long ago, had the essentials on paper but never tried building one.

Do the replicas people have built have functional Steadicam-like arms or are they just passive?
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