"Stay Tuned" Remote Replica


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I have just built my own vacume former & am planing to make the remote controle prop from the movie "Stay Tuned".

* My first task is to find screenshots of the prop.
* Second, mold the remote halfs.
* ......from that point I dont know what to do. I could use some expert help.

I have the movie & will have screen shots or caps, however ther called soon.


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I am SO excited to see this thread! I have been wondering about that remote ever since it popped out of Jeffery Jones' sleeve! I always thought that this prop had a cool design. I'll be very excited to see what is known about this one!


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Stay Tuned 09.jpg Stay Tuned 01.jpg Stay Tuned 02.jpg Stay Tuned 03.jpg Stay Tuned 04.jpg Stay Tuned 05.jpg Stay Tuned 06.jpg Stay Tuned 07.jpg Stay Tuned 08.jpg

I'v also recorded some sound effects from the movie, If anyone wants to put sound with ther prop, E-Mail me with the subject "Stay Tuned Remote".


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Is the movie prop a custom build or was it a modified real remote?
It's a custom circuit board with lights & sounds.

You could modifi a regular remote, but all it would do is light up the individual indicater lights & the remotes red LED.

One button to each indicator light & all the lights riged up to the mane red LED.
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Working on this Stay Tuned remote Control prop for some time now. I have the shape down just the electronics am not good at so I've done my own rendition using internal battery pack and LEDs. I still have different coloured buttons to place on top.
thumbnail_Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 19.15.07.png

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