StarWars: replica ESB Boba Fett helmet

saxe coburg

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I recently finished painting this helmet for a fellow 501st member (I’ll let him speak up if he wants). It’s one of the FettPride “proto” castings. All in all it’s a great helmet with very little clean up. I’m always impressed with FP’s fiberglass work. The paint colors are loosely based on Lee’s list from years ago. The helmet didn’t turn out quite as accurate as I would have liked, but it’s one of if not the best Boba helmet I have painted to date

This is how I received the helmet. It's cast by FettPride in fiberglass with a white gel-coat. Unfortunately, when I received it, there were three major cracks in the helmet (I marked them with red lines in the pic). Otherwise this casting was flawless and required very little clean-up.

Cracks repaired, visor and vent-slots trimmed. Primed, wet-sanded and ready to paint. Also magnets installed on the ear-cap.

Cracks repaired, primed, wet-sanded and ready to paint. Also you'll notice a couple of nicks and scratches I dremeled into the helmet to match the damage on the screen used helmet.

Dome and cheeks airbrushed on

Rear panel dark green painted. Also note the colors are a little splotchy looking, this was just the first coat and "evened out" with a couple more lite coats.

Masking off the mandibles.

Mandibles airbrushed and underside of the cheek hand painted (just like the original)

I created a vector file of the "kill stripes" and had our good friend Scott "Phinz" Kirkham cut a vinyl decal to use as a stencil.

Day-glow orange and yellow airbrushed on.

Kill-stripes turned out just a little "heavier" than I wanted, but still looks great. When the helmet gets the final wash/weathering it will tone-down the stripes. Also note, I painted the left "ear"

saxe coburg

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Masking off the right-ear.

Airbrushed the gold/tan on the right ear.

Started drawing out the chipped-damage on the rear-panel.

hand-painted the tannish color

On to the grey battle-damage

Than the silver paint. Also note I am painting the weathering in a "topical" fashion to *try* and get the accurate shaped detail

Started working on the grey damage on the cheeks

Than the silver details on the cheeks and started working on the mandible damage

saxe coburg

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Working my way around the helmet, filling in the "damage" on the red band

And that finishes up the chipped detail/damage on the red areas. At this point I was going cross-eyed

Now onto the dome... grey and silver

working the details around the kill-stripes. A little heavy-handed in some spots, but I think it's really starting to get the feel and look of the screen used helmet. So many layers, so much damage, scratches and chips.

"Cat-Scratch" detail... done

Drawing the dome damage

saxe coburg

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Grey and silver dome damage... I think I may have placed this a little bit too forward, it's really hard to tell from the reference pics though

DENT... painted

airbrushed the "scorched" burn around the edge of the dent

Silver on the right ear...

Decals applied to the right ear

Decals applied to the left ear... this one really fought me, for some reason

Chipped damage painted on the left ear

And there you go, outside of a little black-wash and light weathering, the paint work is DONE

Oh, I almost forgot my *favorite* part of the helmet, the "thumb-smug". This was actually on the original helmet. If you look closely, you can even see it in the screen-caps. Looks like somebody accidentally dripped some white paint on the helmet and said "oh nos" and tried to wipe it off LOL

Chipped weathering painted on the right ear

saxe coburg

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Range-finder.... this isn't the one that came with the helmet, but is more of a hybrid, put together from several different kits

Visor, trimmed and mounted...

Range-finder installed and weathered

And... DONE... Not shown, but the helmet was given a liberal black-wash and touched up in a couple of places and then given a light clear-coat. I usually do not not clear-coat these helmets, but I knew this one may be used for costuming purposes and wanted to be as durable as possible.

Back... all done...

The helmet is currently living in our dining room (per the wife's request). Will be delivered to its owner this weekend.