Starting A Predator Mask Sculpt


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Ok so i thought it was about time i started a predator mask so i have. Still very rough just trying to get the shape of the head right im using 1 of those plastic mannequin heads off ebay i think they have been mentioned before in a few threads im going for a custom look pred im also surprised how much clay you need to make a pred sculpt think i will need a little more lol. The clay im using is oil based i have brought my clay in the house now winter is here and its nearly impossible to sculpt in the cold with oil based clay its like working with bricks lol.
Also im going with latex now i have never worked with this before but when the time comes i could do with a little help ppl if you dont mind. Also im not sure how big to do this sculpt how do you ppl know how big to do it?

Just one word of advice------ "SEARCH" -----there are literally hundreds of posts and topics here that will help walk you thru the various processes you are going to do. Just dont be afraid to screw up, start over, and learn. There are lots of talented people here that will offer their help in their various areas of expertise. But LOOK first before you ask something that is already here.

Good job and welcome to the madness!!! Be forewarned-- you WILL become addicted.
They grow and grow! All joking aside the measurements are different for each pred. I have just measured my P1 Stunt bio and that is 21" from chin to the back of the crown, 11.75" at the widest part of the crown, 9" width at the eyes. The 21" also takes into account the curvature of the bio. There is also latex shrinkage to take into account which i have read is between about 5-10%. Really rough out your sculpt as you want to be 100% happy before refining and detailing.
hi i will be sculpting a predator in the near future i was concerned about getting it the right size and shape so i bought a bio to give me a guide to go off
Following this as I'm starting my own sculpt soon. Looks cool so far, them eyes are really freaking creepy though..
Ok not alot of progress and im running out of clay lol so need to order some more. These predator mask sculpts take up loads lol.
Im going to see what it will look like with full rows of teeth. This is the beginning of a full suit i hope im in no rush to complete this so
it will be a little slow. After this mask is complete i will do a custom bio for it also with this mask sculpt it will be closed mouth so the bio
sits on. I have used the search bar lol and looked at double H cobra sculpt and Usurpers sculpts and many more. With the pred i have
always thought
about a chosen one when things get out of hand with alot of xenomorhs this pred will sort out the problem also he will be
dripping in high end combat tech. Sorry its not much ppl but everyone got to start somewhere.

Sculpting as we speak just getting the basic details on at the mo then will go over it and soften it all up and get skin textures
on it.


That thing is mean and nasty love it bud. I would suggest one making the horns on the head thicker and maybe more warped pyramid shaped. Other than that those details are killer nice attention to detail
Knocked up some temp teeth just to see what it would look like yeah the horns still need detailing up they will be thicker than this
cheers double H mate glad some 1 likes it lol. This will be wider for the top dreads but i aint got the cly to do that stage at the moment.

Not too terribly bad. Better than what I have (which is nil).

I would suggest thinking ahead about the bio you will be wanting to build for it though. Although you may think the "spikes" are what you want now, they could pose a problem for a bio placement later on.

Did you draw out a design first for this? That would really help with the dimensions of the sculpt and would give you a really good "sense" of what you want this to come out to look like.

All you can do is progress though. So, even if you have to tear down and re-sculpt you'll know what NOT to do.

Good luck.
I will be making a bio and it could be a problem the bio will not be wrapped around the spikes i have a few designs down on paper
also the paint jobs on the Armour Will be a little different something witch haven't been done on this type of thing before
im not sure if it will work yet. But thats for the Armour and weapons thread.
thanks for the heads up tho.
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