is back up!

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Sr Member is back. After going down for about 10 days for a complete overhaul, the site is now back up and better than ever. Visit us at

WHO WE ARE is a community for science fiction modelers. Here you can go behind the scenes on your favorite science fiction show or movie for info on the design and construction of famous Hollywood starship and SF studio miniatures. You'll find valuable how-to information not only on science fiction modeling in general, but also on designing, blueprinting,and building your own replicas of your favorite SF subjects.

This site is created using dynamic, database-driven software to keep things fresh and constantly updated. Most of this new material comes from our members (over 1000 strong and growing.). We also host a number of image galleries for reference on various starship subjects. Best of all, we have an interactive Member Gallery where talented members can share info on some of their amazing projects.

Unlike many other modeling sites that focus only on CG or physical modeling, at we openly welcome *both* forms of science fiction modeling. Those interested in physical modeling will find valuable resources such as reference material, tutorials, tips, techniques, and sources of supply, as well as a place to share images of their projects and gain a helping hand from fellow modelers. Those interested in CG modeling will find some great reference material on many different subjects as well as valuable discussions on just how to create the patterns needed to make their 3D models work.


For physical modelers, much larger sites such as offer the best info on how to build, paint and display plastic model kits of science fiction subjects. While our site is a great compliment to places such as this, our focus is much less on kit building and more on reference, research, blueprinting, and building from scratch (with resources to help both physical as well as CG modelers do just that). We welcome all discussion related to science fiction modeling, however, so even if your interests are limited to commercial plastic kits please come on in and see what we have to offer.

We also don't claim to be a hub for CG science fiction modeling (many other, much larger sites are available to fill that role). Many of our members, however, are quite talented and some even do 3D modeling for a living. They hang out here because of a general love for science fiction modeling in all its forms and this site strives to meet their needs for finding great reference material and obtaining help turning blueprints into models and vice versa.

HOW WE GOT HERE was founded in 1997 about the same time as other popular SF sites like StarshipModeler and Originally known as The Starship Builder's Guide, our site was one of the very first to offer an interactive forum for members and we significantly upgraded our forum software in 2000. Now we are proud to run on vBulletin software which is used to deliver a dynamic, searchable site.

Charles Adams

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Sr Member
Glad you like it. The transition did not exactly go smoothly (I don't have much hair left on my head anymore). But it's all finally working. The new board software is so much powerful and "fun" than what we had before. Some folks are overwhelmed with all the new stuff, but once you get the hang of it I am hoping people will love it. They must as we got 10 new members in the first hour. ABout 25 new people are onboard since last night. . . :D

BTW Jesse (and others) it is so much easier to post articles, images and such that I will no longer be slow about updates. Sorry for that in the past but I built a new system to make it quick and easy from now on.

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Well-Known Member
Much better :) , but it would be great if we could see where the new posts were from looking at the home page.


Sr Member
Thanks. People seem to like it so far.

The new "home page" is really an intro/splash page. I created this because every other site out there just basically dumps you into a giant, confusing index. If you are used to the site that works but for newcomers it can be overwhelming.

The splash page is

The real index/"home page" if you will is and here you will see where all the new posts are. Hope that helps.

I also hope this won't be just "another board." Most sites are either strictly physical modeling or strictly CG. We are now attempting to blend both. It will be very interesting to see what comes from this sort of "cross pollination." There is a LOT of talent in both camps and the skills do cross over more than we might think. I hope we will gain a lot of inspiration and new knowledge from the new combination. :)

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