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    This is one of the things that I have been working on the last few weeks while waiting for paint to dry on a commission Anigrand Star Destroyer build.

    I have had the Bug A and B kits for a very long time. They were worked on a few times and no matter what I did the bases just never looked good. So they were put on the shelf.

    Pulled from the shelf, I used PineSol and tried to remove everything that I have done to the bases over the years (see second photo of stripped base).

    Second photo: The stripped base from the Bug A kit. The inset photo (top right corner) shows a piece that broke off the Bug B kit base. You can see how much crap was built up on the kits.

    First photo: I think that I am finally on the right track in getting these the way I want them to look.
    For those interested... The primer used was Floquil Base White Figure-Primer (330021). The other paints used to paint the base are Model Masters Dark Earth (2054), Model Masters Sand (1706), and Tamiya Clear Red (X-27).

    The figures will also be redone as I hope to make them look better as well.

    My goal once the commissioned destroyer is finished is to complete the kits that I have started that are in my personal collection. I think I am off to a good start.

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    LOL.....excellent start :thumbsup

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