Starship Troopers Production made pattern 2' Dropship


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Proud of this one.. Its rare to get 1st generation movie used models or castings for that matter.. but to own the actual pattern is awesome. I've had this for several years now and plan of finishing it in the near future. Its also cool to know and be able to talk to the actual model makers who built it. All the tan pieces are production run 1st generation castings as the patterns were destroyed in the molding process. That is a 3' x 8' foot table the parts are laid out on.... I was also sent all the original decal sheets and art work for this beast. Im expecting a box of screen used parts that were stripped of the dropship model when she was upgraded for the (advanced) dropship scene shot at the end of the movie. The box also includes the separate landing box door coverings for each different DS... Ohh yeah.. Randy Cooper hooked me up with some 1st generation castings of parts and plates from the Ticonderoga and he also sent me the pattern to the 18' Roger Young bay doors (still in the mold box.) I'll show pics if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking!

DS 3.jpgDS 1.JPGDS 2.JPGdropshipparts.JPGDS 5.jpgDropship.JPG
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Whooo, this is a great model. I saw this many years ago and always waited to have it show up again. If there are any plans now for a casting I would be very interested in it.
I also have some bits from it for many years now in my collection.

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I second that!

trooperprop "If there are any plans now for a casting I would be very interested in it."