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I've been doing another run through of the movies. Just finished 3. Onto the 2 animated movies, then the Roughnecks animated series.

I got inspired to whip up a set of dog tags. I KNEW those old AOL Internet CD-ROMs from the 90s I stashed away would come in handy one day. LOL! I traced an old metal dog tag outline onto the shiny surface and cut them out. I just use 2 of the cutouts and put the writing and logos on the backside.

Now the question is, what design do I use. I noticed in ST1, the tags used the prismatic shiny surface with writing and barcodes depending on how close-up the tags were. More background Troopers' tags had less detail. In the second movie, the Troopers' tags were metal and stamped. Now in the third movie, they went back to the shiny surface with the Federation eagle and a small barcode on them. I think I like that design best. I'll probably whip something up in Photoshop, print it out on a clear sticker sheet, cut them out and stick them on the tags.

Has anybody made any ST tags before? Just wondering.





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