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Starship Troopers armor problem


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I bought a screenused Starship Troopers armor. Unfortunately, it smells very much like solvent. It's not the whole armor, it looks like it's only the glue spots, that attach the straps to the armor.

Everyone immediatly got headache after the armor was in the apartment for just 30 Minuten. Seems to me, it is not necessarily good for health.

What can I do now? Is there a way I can get rid of the unpleasant smell? What happens if I want to sell it? Can I even in good conscience sell it to someone else in this condition? Are screenused items even bought in such a condition?

As far as I know other armors don't have this problem. Never heard of it before.

Of course I'd love to keep the armor, but it's useless to me, if I can't display it and can only store it in a sealed box.

Any useful tips are welcome. Thanks.


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Post some photos. From what you're describing it seems like someone may have tried to repair something and didn't mix the materials properly. Or new materials from a repair have negatively reacted with the original material.


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I know mine had a rubber smell to it when I got mine and just had it aired out. I do know my armor has rivets for the buckles and I think the only glue would be on the inside. Pictures would definitely help.


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Yes. Its on the inside of the armour to hold the straps in Place.

I don't know if the armors are different, maybe some don't have it or B grade looks different.


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