Starlord Trench Coat


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I wrapped up two versions of this in time for Wondercon, except for the back valve - still need to figure that one out, but molding isn't my forte.

-Patterned from scratch. The Hot Toys website with the high res shots of the figurine was a life saver - the toy wasn't delivered on time, but the website had enough shots for me to sort it out.
-Coat is all leather - oasis red from Tandy, now discontinued, but my shop hoards it for me :D, aged and distressed with rubbing alcohol, chocolate brown Fiebings, and slate grey eco flow.
-While it's in no way 100% accurate, (snaps, and circuity bits are substitutes) I'm pretty happy with how it came out, and wanted to share, as I've not seen many attempting the long one yet!

Version 1 for FanBoy Brandon: (still need to take some better shots of this, have a chance to go on a pretty cool set, but I want to do the pants and the bag first)

Version 2 for Cinder H: (armor, props, by model) (photos by James Rulison)
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Now up....the short coat, from scratch, as I'm not happy with any of the mass produced pieces out right now. All the research!