Starlord Helmet


Soooo, a bit late to the scene, I recently re watched guardians of the galaxy with my girlfriend.
After making a flimsy ebony helmet from skyrim, I thought, damn I'm going to make that helmet starlord has.
So I got Helagak's template, and started working on it. I discovered some faults in the helmet which I fixed with some cuts here and there.
I'm using 5mm foam which does not melt under spray paint or epoxy resin, making it awesome to harden.


I'm using these screenshots to help me on working on it




Cutting glueing, I'm using hot glue as you can probably see in the pictures.

Now I'm going to sculpt the botom pieces which insert into the round gaps.

I'll try to keep you guys updated, this is my first post and 3rd helmet build :3
I was wondering, seeing as there are many fakers on the net.
Do any of you guys know a trustworthy source to get the short jacket peter wears?
Any help or tips are much appreciated.
There are plenty of places to get a jacket, including here. Do a quick search and you'll find all kinds of Star-Lord related threads here
Helmet is looking good bud... I would recommend eye holes though :)

Like Kevin said, there are quite a few good places to get the jacket. There is an amazing jacket in the Project Runs forum, and it is the most accurate short jacket I have seen so far. Indy Magnoli is currently working on another that looks very promising, but I do not think it is available yet. Accuracy will depend on budget for sure, and there are a few that are passable on other sites. Just poke around, and when you are in doubt, ask.
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