Starlord Helmet Lens Kit Help!

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I bought a Star Lord helmet kit from another member and it came with a kit for the lenses also, but with the helmet itself nearing completion I must admit I have no idea where to start with it. It has multiple sets of lenses and I'm not sure exactly where they go etc. Can anybody shed a little light on this for me?

SL Lenses.JPG


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Is that Risu's kit? His thread has a link to download instructions. Here's the link ( Socket Instructions.pdf?dl=0)

My kit didn't come with the clear lenses, though, so I'm not sure about those.

Edit - Here's what I think happened:
You purchased a helmet and the clear lenses were meant for that. The other lenses and the lights are Risu's, so you won't need the clear ones as long as you follow Risu's instructions and have the correct eye sockets (which must be ordered from shapeways based on whomever's helmet you've got (Rocketeer's Mduckett's, etc.)
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