Starlord Build W.I.P.


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I'm new to this forum. I'm currently working on a Starlord outfit hopefully to have completed by Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd. Also if I can get it done for the Avengers 2 premiere, I won't complain. Currently, I've really only ever done 3 other cosplays.

2 are various Joker outfits (Comic book inspired/Jack Nicholson Joker). I've also had a quickly thrown together Heisenberg outfit. My girlfriend has done a female Joker, Classic Harley Quinn, and the Phantasm (which, in my opinion turned out fantastic). If you want to check them out, my girlfriend and I's facebook page is One Bad Day Cosplay.

I'm hoping to start having progress shots uploaded tonight, but for now, I just have one very simplistic question:

When using EVA to craft a helmet, what would you recommend using as glue? Right now I was planning on potentially using Rubber Cement as it seems to hold pretty well on the test pieces, but I was wondering if brushing hot glue on would be stronger?

Thanks guys and I look forward to being a part of this community!!


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I purchased this coat off of ebay. I didn't feel like I'd have time to try and make the coat, also given it's spring, it's becoming increasingly hard to find winter-related clothing in stores.

It looks pretty good from what I've seen of other photos of it. The only thing I know I'll be remaking is the shoulder leather armor. Tracking says it should be here Thursday so here's hoping. When I get it, I'll post some photos. I'm going to be starting the helmet soon as well.

Does anyone have any recommendations for glue to use on EVA foam?



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Got the jacket today! It's really nice, the only things I'll have to fix is the shoulder armor and add some detail to the front of the coat. Excuse the Joker-face hahaha.



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At work I have access to a vinyl decal printer/cutter so I was able to make this today. I know it's not the correct model, but it will work on such short notice. The other plus is, it actually works/is a walkman.






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Found a pair of pants/shirt I think will work for the outfit. I also have one of the blasters, but I need to paint it yet. The other blaster should be here Monday. If anyone else needs one, they're dirt cheap on right now. Here's some random photos I have the ensemble so far. I love awkwardly posing for photos haha

IMG_0748.JPG IMG_0752.JPG


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Here's the progress on the helmet so far. This is essentially the foam base that we'll be detailing. This is our first foam build!

The only issue we're having is the helmet seems to be bowing out on the lower sides a bit. Anyone have any ideas on how to help this? I was thinking of putting a foam band on the inside to try and reel it back in. Any other ideas?

IMG_0766.JPG IMG_0769.JPG


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Nicely done! On the breather tubes that go to the ear pieces you might want to add the 135 degree bend. That occurs slightly below the front of the earpiece and then goes up into the back of the earpiece. It gives the side of the bucket better lines. Nicely done though.


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Did a test run last night for the Avengers. The only issues I'm having are that the velcro straps used to keep the boot rockets on are rubbing on the trenchcoat lining and pulling on the fabric. Does anyone have ideas on how to attach the boot rockets aside from Velcro?

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