Starkiller "Galen Marek" lightsaber replica by Simplyprop


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Hello guys

A few weeks ago I recieved in the mail a package from simplyprop from here on the rpf, after a decent amount of time collaborating on this piece have created what we think to be the most accurate "Starkiller" Galen Marek lightsaber replica,

The quality of this piece is amazing I take my hat off to Simplyprop for the machine work on this saber I have a couple Master Replica sabers and this is easily my favourite. The paint work is also great. In my opion it was money well spent.

If you can spare the cash and are looking for new lightsaber hilt and want it made your way then I highly reccomend Simplyprop, the hilt is perfectly balanced and weighted it was amazing what he could achieve from a couple of screen captures,blue prints where constructed and sent to me for approval and in less then a day he could tell me how the saber will be put togther it was a incredibble experience.

The construction time of this saber was very quick and efficient though we got stuck on some components of this saber as it was highly complex.

All I can really say about the saber and service is that is was what I was hoping for and more. The passion Simplyprop put into this project was immense so much to the point I felt bad taking it off him in the end but it is now proudly diplayed in my home.

I could rant on about the build and quality but I will let you look at the pictures instead.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my thread
Thanks guys it is really one of my best buys, you will have to contact simplyprop on pricing as there was a lot of work that went into this and I was under charged so he will have a revised price I think he said around $295, I was suprised how balanced thing thing is and it has a nice weight to it, once I instlled the crystal seen in the last couple of pics it really fits the part i would like to send out my thanks again to Simplyprop every step of the way he was in touch never did I feel left in the dark and it was done in record time.
Also another great thing is that in the screen shots and in game cinematics etc the saber details changed frequently which took up a lot of time which version to go off and if you prefer the look of the saber in a certain frame he will tailor it for you it is truely amazing or you can mix and match to your liking now for me to add electronics :) lol
Thanks for the kind words Daniel. I'm glad you are so happy with it. I almost found it hard to part with and ship this beauty after it's completed. The saber is as accurate as I can possibly make it using these 3 pic compiled together as the main reference:


I also did another custom one shortly after this one with the closed body instead of an open body. Not as accurate as this one here but has all the important features. Oh and did I mention that both sabers have a slightly over 1 inch or 26.65mm diameter hollow space inside to put electronics? I do my sabers clean....unless someone can actually show me how to use paint to weather it...techniques and stuff. Thanks :)






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Great looking lightsaber.

I do my sabers clean....unless someone can actually show me how to use paint to weather it...techniques and stuff. Thanks :)

I like using the gun shop chemical called Aluminum Black. It is easy to us and does not have that thick or chipped look that using paint may cause.

Just brush on layers (or soak small parts) till they darken to desired effect. Rinse, then steel wool or to get the weathered effect.

All the black on these hilts were done with AB.



Also works well for scorch marks on blaster muzzles.
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