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I love AI characters, I've a whole cave devoted to full scale replicas of good guy robots, and I believe Tony Stark's AI deserves a place so I've made their memory cards seen in Age of Ultron. I've seen other attempts in the past but I thought I could improove the craft with upscaling to carefully analyze the film's frames.

I just finished my cards.
In the film one was partially covered but I think it is most likely Daryl.
Another was flipped over and so I picked an AI that could have been under development around that time period, Karen was repurposed for the Iron Spider in a later film. That same card's back was partially obscured so I improvised with the brain graphic.

Here are the Vector Graphics I drew for the blue labels.
If you need reference screenshots let me know.


  • P_20220419_182803_2.jpg
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  • P_20220419_190337_2.jpg
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Would you consider making more of these? Id love to have a F.R.I.D.A.Y. card!
I'd love to, just the Friday(x1)card?
Get me your street address and email and I'll send you a paypal invoice.
$16.61 for a card, $13 for decals/application, plus whatever shipping costs for your location.
Sound good?
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