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Stargate SG1 Sagan box info needed


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Hi guys, I am looking for some info and some decent images of the Sagan box from SG1. All I can find are a few small pictures on Google and the pic of the blueprints sold by Propworx. The trouble with these is that when you blow up the image you cant read the measurements. Any help would be much appreciated.

By andy19422 at 2011-08-31


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Yes thats all I can find, I cant make out the dimentions on the blueprints, I think it's 8 1/2 square by 3 1/4 but not sure.


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I think you might be right. I can always dig out my SG-1 dvds and try to get a few more screen captures. No promises though, I just moved and need to find them :p

Love the idea for this as a build BTW ;)
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