Stargate SG-1 - Carter Special (lots of pics)


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For those who aren't in the know, this is a Carter Special.


For complicated reasons which I won't go into here, Carter was issued with a converted M16 (rather than her usual P90) for the first half of Season 7 and totally rocked the shorty look.


My base weapon was a cheap M4 airsoft.


I got a very nice resin copy of the Elcan scope and Beta C-Mag from Matsuo.


Firstly I stripped the whole thing apart and removed all of the airsoft components. I didn't need it (or want it) to be able to fire BBs. The only bit I did leave in was the lead bar in the grip to give it a little weight. I also had to cut out a lot of the reinforcing bars so I could fit the C-mag in.


Next I cut down the barrel and fitted the new birdcage/flash surpressor to make sure the barrel was about the right length. My handguard is a bit long compared to the actual prop but I like the look of the barrel, reciever and stock all being the same length.


Next was to fit the stock. Buying an actual thumbhole stock was cost prohibitive for me and would have meant cutting the M4 down even more to get it to fit. Using a stock from an M16, I cut it to length and added the wooden dowels for strength and to give me something to build the filler up around.


Because I cut the M16 stock down the buttplate was too big so I had to cut it in four and shape it to fit.


The whole thing mocked up awaiting filler and paint.


Other side.


Lots of filler and sanding later...


The real deal had a texture on the stock so I used Plasti-Kote Velvet spray paint. Worked a treat!


A bit of black spray paint later... a terrible picture of the finished article!


And another terrible phone pic of me with my new baby.


And I met Christopher Judge! :D


Bad Wolf

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HOLY COW!! great job!! i always liked that gun. you did an amazing job on the stock!! and your SG outfit is awesome! :cheers

Alan Castillo

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Fantastic ! A work of art out of a plastic nothing. :cool

And you look really good in the costume too :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup


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And the jacket looks even better now since I've gone down to a small. No more baggy sleeves for me!


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Looks awesome! Where can I get those resin copies?

And why didn't Carter have a p90?

I believe it had to do with the availability of the P90 ammo at the time. It's discussed in one of the DVD commentary tracks as they're describing the parts of the Carter Special, maybe in Avenger 2.0 (which I believe the screenshot in the OP is taken from)?

Great looking replica! It's always nice to see people building stuff from Stargate. :thumbsup


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Nice job. Would be a cool project. The scope and mag don't seem to be easy items to get which adds to the allure.

Your build looks amazing. Just like the real deal. Very jealous for sure.


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If your interested I know what kinda of AR-15 stock was used on that rifle. It's know as an California Legal AR Stock. It's made by a company called Bell and Carlson, it the model called AR Thumbhole Stock. Hope that helps.


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Looks awesome! Where can I get those resin copies?

And why didn't Carter have a p90?

It was because the war just started when Season 7 was being shot. Because the P90 uses a special round and not produced in as greater volume it became more expensive as the casing (Bullet) were being sent overseas. Because the M4 uses the standard round (5.56×45mm NATO) it was chosen because they're mass produced and used by virtually every military worldwide. So they're cheap. They were chosen so that if soldiers found a dead service member, they could use the rounds. Among other reasons.


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Thanks again, guys!

It was a great build and I totally recommend it to anyone that wants to give it a try. It's basically just lots of filler and sanding. ;) The resin parts are from Matsuo. He's a member here, drop him a PM.

And as other people have said, S7 of SG-1 was filmed at the same time as the second Gulf War started. A shortage of rounds meant that they were limited as to the number of P90 blanks they could get hold of. It was decided to have RDA keep his P90 and give the rest of the cast variations of the M4/M16 or Goa'uld weapons. Amanda Tapping is quoted as saying she loved the 'Carter Special' because it shot fire out of the end. A girl after my own heart! ;)

One day I'll get a chance to meet Tapping and show off my baby. :)


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You know if these are available anywhere? Been poking around on airsoft sites to see if I can find them and no dice. Thought I found your stock and no dice. Found one for a real AR but it was $120. Might have to attempt your method for the stock. Being on a budget myself I might go that route. Yours came out awesome and looks just like the real deal. Hope I can get it close to yours.

"I got a very nice resin copy of the Elcan scope and Beta C-Mag from Matsuo."

Be cool to pick up these up.



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You know if these are available anywhere?

Not that I'm aware of. AFAIK there have only ever been a handful of them made, either static props like mine or airsoft. It's a case of sourcing the bits and sticking them all together yourself.

The stock really wasn't as hard to make as I was expecting. The secret is to just take it slowly. I did the main shaping with a belt sander but once I had the basic shape I started doing it by hand and constantly comparing it to the reference pictures I had.
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