Stargate sale dilemma


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So, this weekend, the same company in Vancouver that handled the Smallville sale, held a Stargate sale. Some pretty cool things all in all, but I've run into a dilemma.

I bought this hat for $10 with the express purpose of recolouring it black for other costuming purposes:


I get it home, and am taking a closer look, and inside, I find this:


*sigh* I still want to make it black, but now I think I'd get lynched by the collector community.

(got some other stuff, pictures to follow later)
Let's be honest, while Stargate SG-1 had its fans, the long term historic value isn't there and isn't going to be there. Not to mention that people aren't exactly breaking down door to buy props worn by Ben Browder. I'd say throw it up on eBay for $100. If it sells, buy another hat and paint it black. If it doesn't... paint this one. No problem.
I'm with Art for the most part on this. Find one like this 'new' or at a military surplus and see what they run. If it's from an online source, add in shipping, customs, etc to get to your replacement purchase cost... then see if you can sell the Mitchell one. The problem you'll run into is that unless you got a receipt and pics of you buying it there... or they gave some sort of coa with it.... it's not going to have much value unless there's some unique identifier (damage, etc) that can be matched on screen.
Yeah, I'd figured the lack of a COA would work against me. I really have nothing to prove that this was Mitchell's hat on the show, other than the tag and that I know I bought it at the Stargate sale. I'll probably just say screw it and recolour it.
I agree with them. I'm a big fan of Stargate, but when Richard Dean Anderson left the show and was replaced by Ben Browder, it went downhill (most SG-1 fans agree wholeheartedly). If it was an RDA hat, probably a different story. The COA might work against you, but it'd be worth to at least see if there's any interest on it on ebay.
I think this kind of thing happens when a TV show ends. People like collecting something if there is a sense that the mythology still lives.
Love Stargate, but I'm with everyone else...see if anyone wants to give you $$$ to preserve it, if not, it'll look great black. :thumbsup

I's Ben Browder. :unsure
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