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Howdy everyone!

So I've decided to put my skills to the test and to make a series of ZPM's with various functions! (some will be hilariously awesome)

Heres my MK1 ZPM made from orange PLA in a 3d printer!

1:1 Scale replica built in 3 parts.
ZPM MK1.jpg
Parts 1&2 are now perfectly glued together

ZPM MK1 glued.jpg
This 3d printed version will serve as the base model for silicone moulding the outside model of either a hard foam one or another similar material so that i can begin cutting the detailing in and then begin recasting with more silicone so i will then have a detailed copy ready for duplication in coloured resin.

Pray for me as i sand this so that i wont screw this up and have to painstakingly reprint this.
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Update 18/06/2017

The 3D printed ZPM base had a slight accident today, But an accident is sometimes a new idea to add to the basket. I found something to do with the MK1 ZPM, something i will manufacture into the design for the MK2 ZPM. Say hello to the Room light ZPM.

Why not use one of the most sought after intergalactic Power sources, left behind by an ancient race with no instruction on how to reproduce, as a.......... LIGHT FITTING! Roof Lighting.jpg

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Hey guys just you wait until the real show starts!

The amount of planning hours that have gone into this one project is incredible.

I have spent nearly $4700 so far gathering the tools to pull this off. Everything from a 60 cm x 52 cm laser cutter, Soldering equipment, Silicone supplies, Resin supplies and a multitude of other gadgets that will go inside several different variations of the ZPM. In fact I was considering selling them once my friend and I get the design perfect as well as our super secret tech that is going into them.

One of the more simple versions i am making is an actual light fitting one, it will be cut perfectly so it will slip onto your general light fitting/lamp head (all over the world) and then the fitting will screw down into place, then all you need to do is slide the crystal formation over the top and boom, its your very own ZPM lamp/light.

19/06/2017 UPDATE.
Currently the latest MK-6 (we've had a lot of back and forth in the design process, as we are both perfectionists)

The MK-6 is currently off being 3D printed and will arrive in my hands early next week. The laser cutter arrived today (ridiculously tedious to construct) but entirely worth it and necessary for parts of the ZPM.

I am slowly getting the electronics parts from my suppliers as some of them are in other parts of the world, it can be a few days before they reply/ship/sit on their posteriors and ponder replying to me.

The above mentioned "Super Secret Tech" Is well worth the wait and i guarantee 100's of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate fans in general will want to buy one of these babies!

Ask yourself this: What are some of the things you want to be able to do with a ZPM in your own hands? (Besides opening a long distance wormhole to the Pegasus galaxy, stealing an entire city from the face of a long forgotten planet, flying it back to your home town, on your own planet and hoping no one slams their $40,000 power boat into your newly found home that is cloaked, floating on a nearby ocean and making you feel like your'e really apart of it all because of one of my ZPM's, or possibly 3, if you haven't got your own science team to reboot an ancient buggy intergalactic hyper-drive.

Also here is a rendering of our work so far.
ZPM Mk5 Render.jpg
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Update 30/06/2017.

Hey Folks,

I've been busy working on some of the electrical stuff for the ZPM, I've added remote capability so it can be switched on and off with a simple RF remote controller, I've FINALLY received the power supply, which as some may have guessed its a USB portable charger, it's other function is....Its going to be a 2x USB fast charger, so you can literally charge a mobile device from a ZPM!

Iv'e used the MK-1 ZPM shell as my test subject for any electrical issues that may arise so it wont set me back at all.

here's a short video of it so far doing its remote thing!!

Currently we are up to the MK-8 with added functionality and ability with each turn it will probably end up as MK-12 by the time its ready to be resin cast, which i hope is very soon.

Current expenditure is now $4935 :)

Best regards,



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Update 16.07.2017

Circuit boards :)

Currently we have been working on the design for the circuit board that will provide the power conduits for the ZPM's functions. As it is, today I have successfully produced the prototype circuit board with an old film exposure/developing technique.

ZPM Board Prototype 1.jpg

The ZPM's physical body has had some issues with 3d printing, we have come across a few flaws in our design that have made it difficult to print and cost to print a new version (average price for reprint is $160aud per item). There have also been several issues with shape, design and aesthetics that haven't lined up exactly so repeatedly back to the drawing board.

The 20,000mAh Power supply is on its way to me, so are the individual components for soldering as well as 2500 LED's. The next update will cover the prototype circuit soldered and working (hopefully).


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Update 26/07/2017: The first of the circuit boards have been printed and on its way from China. Ive also received the parts to begin making the cables.

The final design has now been comissioned to be built and will arrive in coming weeks.

Also here is a photo of some of my parts for the circuit board.

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Most of the updates have been on my "The Antarctic Frost" Facebook page, but i thought id drop an update here.

At this point in time the ZPM model is finished and should be on its way here for scanning very shortly.

All the tech inside has been finalised, the prototype 2 for the circuit boards have been sent off to china and they are on their way here for the first 10 ZPM's to be created and from there, many more.

here is a photo of the ZPM model.

- - - Updated - - -

I dont want to even think of how much ive spent to date on this project because its way over $10,000

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