Stargate Pepakura Models


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Hello everyone, I bring you Stargate Pepakura Files, these were ripped from the Stargate Universe game by me, Unfolded by Movieman, and Smoothed by me so you have less folds. These have been tested and come out to a perfect scale. Enjoy.
Password for the ZIP is : TheRPF

Stargate Pep Files



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Did you post these before somewhere? I have them already. I have been wanting to make the Anubis helm forever. Thanks for sharing!


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They are pretty much all over the internet, but I thought I would get them all into one ZIP collection. If someone has something from Stargate they would like to see made into a pep file I can probably do it, just cannot be something big like the Stargate control console but I still have my disk for Stargate Universe so I can extract a model from there if needed.


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I've never done a pep build before.
what difficulty level are these builds? would I be able to tackle them as a beginner?
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