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    Since most existing SGA threads are pretty old I figured I would make a new thread to ask about the tablets used on Atlantis.
    I found an older topic dealing with it saying that all tablets, especially that of McKay are Motion Computing M1400s.
    However, I also read somewhere else that they have used the Motion Computing LE1600 Model.
    Now, from the pictures and screenshots it is really hard to tell which of those models was used and they look pretty similar.
    When considering the current price ranges M1400s seem to go for around 89-120,- and LE1600s are around 60-80 I believe.
    Maybe they used both models in the show? I really wanna get this right since it would be a pain buying a crapy, old and slow tablet that isn't even the right one in the end :p
    Another thing I noticed is that a lot of the LE1600s come with the carrying cases that are seen a lot as well. Yet the common opinion seems to be that all tablets are M1400s.
    Any help is greatly appreciated here.
    Thanks in advance!
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