Stargate Atlantis / SGU 3D printing parts?


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Okay so I'am going to use this translucent clear filament to make some crystals for some lights (like the other project here) And one nice thing is that when you 3D print something you usually dont make it Solid. Instead inside layers are generally filled in with a Hexagonal pattern which is well suited to Ancient Props. Plus I can put LEDS Inside the actual Cyrstals.....An even make Raised lettering in Ancient (Or other designs) Thankfully when the Show came up with the Ancient language They actually make 25 Different Characters and 9 numbers that match up to the English alphabet! So I can write things in ancient that not only give a cool effect, but really say something! I am going to invest in a CNC and this will come in really hand for cutting out plates and etching. But I digress...

So Since I have a decent 3D Printer as well Translucent clear, Translucent Blue and other solid colors I imagine there are allot of things I could make either as stand alone pieces or add ons for projects. Only problem, I am Terrible at Design! Autocad now has a function (.STL out) that will allow me to print anything made in autocad. (Since I need something in an .STL file) And anything made in Sketchup can be printed. So if anyone has any Stargate design Ideas, or Even if you could make a file to printed I think it would help Everyone.

I will Even Print out objects for you for the cost of filament and some small amount for the wear and tear on the printer. (You have to replace belts and bearings and nozzles every so often, And Ive already actually worn out a cheap printer! I only ask that if you want something printed that you allow the file to be shared.

BTW, One free design tool that is just for 3D Printing 123DMAKE by Autodesk. You can get it here: One person Made a light Saber with this tool, and you could take it apart and it had internal circuitry.....Very Good Prop! Check it out! View attachment 483873

And Googles Sketchup is also free for non-commercial use. It has a couple features disabled, but they are things you wouldnt use for props anyways) You can get that here:

To give you an Idea of what can be made, here is a full size halo helmet that I printed out. It was printed in about 12 pieces and has pins that line everything up, plus you can take the front off because its held on with magnets. I havnt glued it together yet, or done any finish work, or even added the LEDS. But the lights on the side are made of the Translucent blue....And cortanas chip on the back is as well (And it has 2 holes for large LEDS so it will glow when turned out. I'm 6 feet 220lbs and this fits over my head perfectly they even have smaller versions. Ive tossed around the idea of selling a couple....but this think took 60 hours to print out all off the pieces! Still It was taken from an Actual 3D Image from Halo so its pretty damn accurate! There is also a mold you can print out for making a Visor!

2015-05-16 12.18.17.jpg

So lets see what we can come up with!
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