Limited Run Starfleet Checkerboard Fabric Now Available: woven for STAR TREK CONTINUES


The famous “checkerboard” red/orange/gold fabric used for sickbay and Captain’s Quarters bedspreads and chair pads/backs is nowhere to be found in contemporary fabric stores or on the Internet.


Was it a one-of-a-kind sample used by the studio? Might it have been speaker material for use with guitar amps? And what was the original material?

Girard Checkerboad.JPG

Some thought the red/orange/gold fabric might have been a traditional checkerboard pattern by noted Herman Miller furniture textile designer Alexander Girard. But while the Girard checkerboard pattern is similar, it’s missing the strands of gold and just doesn’t “look” quite right. Here’s a vintage sample in approximately the right colors – but sitting on top of a much more realistic version.

Aside from screen caps, there’s not much available as original evidence of the “checkerboard” fabric.

One photo shows the relative size of the original fabric’s rectangles (and they are rectangles, not squares).

Original TOS checkerboard copy.png

So a couple of us at STAR TREK CONTINUES decided to pool our resources and commission a U.S. mill to custom manufacture the red/orange/gold fabric used for bedspreads and even covering the pads and backs of Burke chairs in episodes like “Amok Time” and “Court Martial.”


Lighting can change the look of almost anything. Same goes for what appears to be a burnt orange and gold pattern.

For STAR TREK CONTINUES Episode IV “The White Iris,” we commissioned the recreation of the red/orange chenille and gold lurex yarn fabric. The relatively heavy material is dry clean only and can be steamed, but not with direct steam (as this will de-laminate the lurex.) All edges must be finished to prevent fraying.

TOS checkerboard.JPG

The fabric is 57 inches wide and it takes two yards of the fabric to have enough for Burke chair cushions, and about four yards for a sickbay or officer’s quarters fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow cover.

Want some for yourself?

One yard of the red/orange/gold fabric is $100, which includes $25 shipping/handling.
Two yards is $185.
Four yards is $350.

Prices include UPS shipping to U.S. locations. (Shipping to other countries is available, but I’ll have to calculate those costs separately.)

I can recommend an excellent resource (Ralph Miller) to build an entire Burke chair (115 or 116 “captain’s chair” style) with the new fabric – with fabric you buy from me.

Want a small 2”x2” sample? No problem. Drop me an email or private message and we’ll work it out

Dave “Trekkerguy” Arland



Kirk Ep IV.jpg

Under the lights at the STAR TREK CONTINUES studio in Georgia, it’s an almost perfect match.


(Thanks to TrekCore for the vintage TOS images.)

I’ve since had the red/orange/gold fabric used to create a new chair back and seat cover for one of my Burke chairs. It is stunning!


- - - Updated - - -

All proceeds from the fabric sale will benefit STAR TREK CONTINUES, to continue producing new episodes!

See the results now at


We also did a limited run of red/red/gold fabric, to see which version would look closest to the original under studio lighting. While the red/orange/gold fabric ended up onscreen, we do have a few yards of the red/red/gold available at a discounted price that is 25% less expensive than what you see above. Want to see samples of one or both runs? Send me a note and I'll send swatches:

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