Starfield Chronomark, Chronomark case and EON pistol


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Finally satisfied enough to show some pieces I've been working on this summer.
I started with the Starfield watch, officially named "Chronomark Planetary Expedition Instrument". I designed it in pieces in Blender for ease of painting, but I also made a one piece solid model for ease of printing. Didn't finish painting the one piece version, but I managed to finish the multiple pieces version:


It was split by color, so the main body is the light gold parts you see, on which everything else was glued. Printed on my Elegoo Saturn, primed, painted with a can of aluminium color, and then finished with Alclad Titanium Gold.
Then the strap was added, printed in a TPU resin in two parts, and fitted with a real watch buckle found on Aliexpress, a Boss copy apparently. No post treatment other than some sanding to remove the support marks.
On top of that, I had the watch face laser cut on a two color acrylic, slotted inside the watch bezel. The bezel, like the back plate, was painted in mat black, then several layers of Hot Carbon Metal from Alclad, then finished with some graphite powder because it was darker than I expected.
The white side pieces slotted on each side, painted with a can of gloss white. The red bits on either side were printed in red resin, but given a coat of red on top, as they were more translucent than anticipated, and then simply glued on the white parts.
Finally, the medallion at the back was inserted, painted like the main body.
Now, for the text on the front and on the medallion to show, I wanted to avoid having to paint them and risk make a mess, so what I did was to design them sticking out, make sure to use a white resin for the prints, and then I simply sanded away the paint to reveal the white resin underneath.

Also designed quickly a stand to display the watch, reusing the back medallion design as inspiration for the base. That was printed in white and silver PLA on my Bambu printer using the AMS. The base is a multicolour print, and the arm was printed separately and just snap fit in.

But I wanted to have the neat case showed in the trailer, and in the constellation edition of the game, so I designed that as well, following the same principle of splitting everything by color for ease of painting/printing. The version presented here was mostly printed in resin as well, although I have another version in PLA that is slightly inferior, but oh so much easier to post-process.

It is split like this: the main top and bottom case parts, the side dark golden pieces matching the top and bottom, the red side "latch" pieces part of the locking mechanism, the linkage locking mechanism itself with the links, red lever and central knob, and the inserts for the watch and base to fit in.
The main bodies, side red latches and linkage system were all printed in DLP on the Elegoo Saturn, then sanded and painted in white or metallic red or chrome. I wish I could have made the linkage in metal, but I found no easy and reasonably priced solution for this, so I had to settle for 3D printed. And it's fragile as all hell unfortunately, though it's functional.
The side golden pieces were printed in PLA on the Bambu.
The inserts were also printed on the Bambu, using the fuzzy skin parameter to give it a nice texture.

Next up, the EON, and the FDM cases!
There is my EON, this version is full printed using FDM machines, in PLA. I've got a mix of PLA and resin in the works as well, but that takes longer to make...


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Just wanted to share my excitement, it appears my EON caught the eyes of the concept artist at Bethesda who designed the gun, and they decided to send me a very nice print of the concept art, signed by the artists, and the art director! How cool is that? I ordered a custom frame to protect and display it immediately!


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