Star wars xmas


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I made this drawings to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS for all the folks here on RPF because your help and knowledge is very important to me and make me do things that I thought that were impossible before.


Tallest Jawa

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I am not really that big of a fan of sketches and hand made drawings, but I have to say, for some reason I really like these. I especially like the last one, the Yoda face.


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Many thanks for your good comments CMDR. KERNER, Tallest Jawa, MooCriket, etc...
I´m very pleased that you like it.
I haven´t skills with Photoshop and I enjoy with the props here like BATMAN Arkham stuff, Pirates Of The Caribbean, etc... but I have some interesting drawings to share with us... :love
I enjoy drawing and attempt in each drawing to put a bit of life on the characters that I drawing.

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