Star Wars Westar M5 ARC Blaster by Tactonyx


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Greetings everyone, while not a big Star Wars fan, I was somehow talked into building this particular blaster. Truth be told, if I were to build anything Star Wars related, it would be the Rail Detonator from Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight (Ahh... Good times....) Anyways, while it's not my favorite, in matter of fact, it's something I would never build to begin with, I got this thing built and sent to Ithica for molding. So without further ado, here's my M5 ARC Blaster:


This is what I don't like about expanded universe stuff, there are so many different designs for a single weapon that making an accurate model is really difficult. So instead I redesinged it so it was more to my liking and was more comfortable to hold and handle. In a sense it's still canon, just a poorly conceived design redesigned to be more ergo friendly.


So here we start


Most of the way done


Getting there...


Getting there...


Aaannnddd done!


Here's a closeup of the glorified flash hider



I forgot what it said, but I'm sure someone will nerd out and tell me


Here's an exploded M5




I'm not quite done with this yet, I plan on going back and making a underbarrel grenade launcher, somthing akin to the GP-25. I intentionally extended the barrel and flash hider so teh grenade launcher wouldn't extend past the end of the barrel. Also I made the plug under the barrel detachable so I could attach a GL.
I hope you guy's enjoy the blaster, and as usual, feel free to comment.
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