Star Wars (the original only) model kit list?

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Inquisitor Peregrinus, Aug 2, 2015.

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    I am posting this both here and in the Star Wars Costumes and Props section, as it applies to both sections of production back in '76, so mods please don't move it, and if you happen to read both subforums, you need only reply to one version of the thread. :p


    I know a lot of the kits used through all three movies, but I'm wondering if there's any kind of list that's been accumulated over years of research that tells which tank and battleship and car and airplane and so forth model kits were raided for parts used to build and detail the miniatures, sets, and props for the original film.

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    I know that some studio scale built threads here on therpf have a kit list or partial kit list.
    Also on other forums you can find info on kits used.
    "studio scale modeler" has some research threads with a lot of info
    A complete list of all the kits used for the films does not exist as far as i know.
    Maybe someone has made an attempt to make one ,..but this has never been shared to my knowing.
    Maybe you could be the first to tackle this inmense task:)
    I would say "nay" and i think since a lot of kit parts are still unknown ,this list would be impossible to make.
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    Studio Scale Modeler does have specific kit list threads for each of the original trilogy movies...It's a useful tool to help you narrow down which boxes the ILM guys might have had to hand!

    The thread also links to kit scans where available...but it's amazing how many scans still aren't available as images, especially seeing as how the studioscale site has gone...

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    Nice except for the fact that no one can join SSM any longer!
    R/ Robert
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    Try going to the Membership forum and look at the All Access Thread...the only one there. Email Jase and ask for membership. It will help if you can show that you are active in the hobby.
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    Scott, I've tried that and only "heard crickets". I was hoping to glean a bit more reference for the 5-foot MillFalcon decal research project I'm working on, but nothing ever came back from the membership request. Guess it was a secret handshake sort of thing... but then I prefer 'open source' logic myself.
    R/ Robert

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