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I'm starting a New Costume Build...And I will be debuting at Dragoncon 2015, I plan on making my Character from Star Wars the Old Republic online game. Heres the thing, I'm a male and My character is a No I'm not planing to make a funny version or anything close. I plan on making it just like my character in the game the only thing I haven't desided on is the costume, I'm thinking of taking some costumes I've found and mess them all together and make a custom are some pictures of my character in the game. Please let me know what you all think of the idea. Or any advise you may have. I have done many cosplays as well as crosplays in the past. thanks...

Screenshot_2014-11-21_23_01_13_609529.jpg Screenshot_2014-11-21_23_00_42_333740.jpg Screenshot_2014-10-01_04_47_57_033710.jpg Screenshot_2014-09-30_04_42_59_477920.jpg
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If you want to do it I say go for it. There's nothing wrong with making a costume based on your character. Just be prepared for people at conventions asking who you are. :p


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Yeah I figure that, I have a few costumes that are like that...building a few others that people with not know, My character in SWTOR is almost like a female version of Darth Malgus...I have a friend that made a light side version of revan as a female, she does an amazing job...
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