Star Wars: The Blueprints - no, not THOSE types of blueprints...

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At an edition size of 5000 this can hardly be considered "Limited". Still, it's a nice looking book and as it has blueprints of the Millennium Falcon i just had to get a copy. :)
Nice but a little pricey. I'll take the chance and wait a year or 2 and pick it up for a 1/4 of that price. I did that with the Scuplting a Galaxy limited edition with the models. I think I got that even less than 1/4. If not I can do without it. Oh and they can tear the PT stuff out of it too as I don't care much for that.
Now thats definitely droolworthy! Want one!

Still, I get the odd feeling Lucas will use anything SW-related to bring money in. But I am on the bandwagon and throw money at them so who am I to say!
They've got a PDF on the site with quite a few sample pages. Some of the blueprints have been released before but quite a bit is new. The plans for the skiff from Return of the Jedi interested me the most.

But yeah, I want to see a table of contents on that one.
there's a link on this page:

The Blueprints - Star Wars: The Blueprints

down at the bottom, in a very lightly colored typeface with the entire table of contents.

look for the link that says:

"Click to view the entire list of blueprints included in Star Wars: The Blueprints »"

some of the things on this list are knuckle biters for sure, but I agree that they can tear out the PT stuff and burn it, for all I care. I was glad Rinzler kept the special edition crap out of his making of star wars books, so I was a little bit surprised.
I've been drooling over this since they announced it. Not in my budget however. Maybe in a few years I can find a used copy
I spent a lot of time looking at these at Comic-Con. The book is very impressive; mostly Original trilogy focused with a nice collection of prints centered on various themes (death star, hoth, droids). The large size lends itself to the prints.

Scattered throughout there are some photographs as well that are either rare of previously unseen. There was a new show of the hoth Ice cannon vehicle (with Mark Hamill manning the gun) to go along with the entire blueprint for the vehicle itself.
Nice but a little pricey. I'll take the chance and wait a year or 2 and pick it up for a 1/4 of that price.

That's my approach too, but I'm not sure it will work. This thing is that bit too limited an edition (relatively speaking, to be sure) and it's physically huge. I'm not confident there will be much of a secondhand market for it. Could be one reason for the very limited distribution arrangement - it will take some very special packing and shipping.

Really nice stuff, high-priced but for me worth every penny.

If you own it, take your time, wear gloves and enjoy it...
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