Star Wars Tantive IV door backdrop

OK.....I need some help from the MASTERS.

I am attempting to build this for a photo backdrop.

The problem that I am having is making the round 90 degree corners out of cardboard tubing. I am useing 10'' concrete SONO tubes.

I thought about cutting slices in the tube and bend it around to make the corner but if I mess up it will be a costly mess up. This is a test on a mailing tube.

Then I was thinking of making them from round plastic garbage cans and heating the plastic and forming the corners.

I know I could sculpt them from Pink insulation foam but I am in a time crunch. I need to have it finished before July 2nd.

Any other ideas? Thanks.
I didn't realize they cost that much. If you are good at fiberglassing, how about buying one and coat it in something and wrap a thin layer of fiberglass cloth on it to get the shape, then peel it off and strengthen the new corner shell with more fiberglass and build it into the rest?
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