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STAR WARS stuff for sale (boba fett, etc...)

Buy now for 100000 EUR
You don't have the permission to purchase
A- BOBA FETT ESB gloves ( L size) : 75€ plus shipping.
B- PATTERSON items: 80€ plus shipping.
C- BOBA FETT alum gauntlet missile: 140€ plus shipping.
D- BOBA FETT alum stuff: SOLD
E- US DIVERS belt buckle (not accurate): 50€ plus shipping.
F- BOBA FETT ESB alum flamethrower: 135€ plus shipping.
G- MUDTROOPER alum Knife and handguard: 70€ plus shipping.
H- BOBA FETT boots ( euro 45) Never used : SOLD!!
I - CASIO MQ-1 CALCULATOR ( it doesn´t work): SOLD!!
J- COAXIUM CONTAINER ( SOLO MOVIE) : 180€ plus shipping.
k- SABACC CREDITS (x 13 metal credits): 70€ plus shipping.

Ask for a shipping cuote.

payment via paypal.
PM if you have any question.

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