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Hi everyone,

Star Wars Squadrons introduced us to so many new pilot variants. Me being a shoretrooper fanboy I decided to build the 'coastal defender pilot' (basically shoretrooper /TIE pilot mashup).
Taking screenshots has proven difficult for me as I only have the PSVR as source, but some parts are pretty obvious, while others are unique.
STAR WARS™_ Squadrons_20201013201238.jpg

Here is what I figured out so far:
  • 'Assault' helmet - unique new design for the game. Even within the game there are variations. This one has an additional hose from the 'breather' to 'the ears'. Color is presumably 'sahara beige' to match the Scarf Stormtrooper aka Shoretrooper with light grey accents here and there. Helmet has the classic 'stylus box' in the back.
  • Flightsuit seems to follow the same pattern as the 'new' Rogue One and Solo flight suits (covering the zipper), but is split into 2 colors, much like the Star Trek TNG uniforms but extending along the arms. Colors seem to be dark olive and dark grey.
  • Gloves seem to be V2 AT-AT driver gloves with Sandtrooper/Snowtrooper hand guards and a slightly different commpad (3 small squares instead of 5 pins).
  • Boots are high jackboots covered in beige textile 'folds'
  • Commpad is standard Star Wars comm pad with slightly different colored buttons
  • Chestbox is a complete redesign with shorter hoses.
  • Armor seems to be a variation of a mudtrooper/snowtrooper style in the front and Shoretrooper in the back. The collar is shorter and attached to the front part. The straps are the same style as Shoretrooper/Mudtrooper,.. but the buckles are flatter and without any screws. Armor parts connect via a separate part in the hip area.
  • Belt is black canvas with Bikerscout/Inferno Squad plastic front (but without the V shaped recession in the 'buckle') and dropbox on the right and holster for Merrson/DH44 type blaster on the left.
  • Pouch. there is a 'MP38/48' style canvas pouch worn over the left shoulder
The only 'found part' for this build is the pouch, which is not surprising given it's a video game.
Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 1.46.44 PM.png

I have sourced almost everything else and will build the armor by 'kitbashing'. I'm only missing the chest box. I hope to be able to find someone to make a 3D model for me and get it printed.

Any input is welcome. I will use this post to update on my progress.
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Seems like you've got your work cut out for you! This is a pretty cool outfit, though. I wonder if anyone has started making any of the helmets from this game?


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What the heck is a coastal defender exactly??

The armour looks cool enough I guess, and certainly more Imperial than say, the tank driver in R1. But I still find it ridiculous to think that the Empire needs a different suit of armour for each and every vehicle type.


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This is cool! The helmet reminds me of the training helmet in the deleted Imperial Academy scene from Solo. Not sure that it's exactly the same. Let us know how you like the one you ordered!


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little update:
I found someone who will do the flightsuit for me and also got a 3D model of the chest box that will be printed in the following days.
I will kit bash a shoretrooper and mudtrooper kit for the armor.
The only thing missing now are the buckles (they are different from shoretrooper/mudtrooper,..)

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I'm glad to find this. I'd begun researching the costume due to a friend of mine having an interest in Star Wars pilots, and you saved me a lot of prelim work. I already have the Rebel Assault Trooper helmet 3D model, as well as most of the newer (Rogue One, Solo) armor and helmet types and I've been comparing hard and soft goods. Might have some useful questions and insights over the next several days. :)


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update. sanded and primed chest box.

almost done.

filled ridge in mudtrooper chest armor, as it is not present in the coastal defender pilot armor. kit by 850 armor works. removed collar piece and smoothed out the corners.


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some progress on the armor. added collar pieces I molded based on the 850 kit, cut and sanded in shape and glued directly onto front armor.


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