star wars scratchbuilt stormtrooper blaster prop


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Hello here is my first scratch built star wars prop, an E-11 star wars storm trooper blaster. All the parts were built from styrene, pvc and Cu pipe. I built this for my sons Halloween costume. I am still missing a few details that I will attempt to complete over the next little while (folding stock parts, rear sights and clear styrene lenses for scope). I realize this blaster is not an exact screen accurate blaster, close as I could get with the available materials. It was sure fun to build.

Ahh, I remember my first scratchbuilt blaster. Coincidentally It was an ANH E11 too.

Nice work, Ryan! Have you been over to the Blaster Builders Club (BBC) forums? They have a ton of cool stuff for scratchbuilding blasters.

I second the Blaster Builders Club,i started there before i found the RPF,excellent templates,and a whole load of info..
Excellent stuff! There's a lot of love in that build which is what these boards are all about.

I too would recommend the Blaster Builders Club. Lots of info and inspiration there. I used their plans to build my own ANH E11.

Now you have to run around the house shooting at (but missing) everyone. lol
added more details to blaster

Hello I've decided to add more details to my star wars scratch built blaster. I reworked the scope bar using a piece of steel. I added a few more small details. I've also added a folding bar (nonfunctional, just mimicking the appearance). I'm in the process of constructing the blaster rounds counter. I'm going to use part of a phone cord connecting the counter to the blaster. Hopefully this piece will be finished over the next week or so. I'll post more pictures soon.

hey man, GREAT JOB!

That was a little intense, I'm sorry, I just love when people scratchbuild props.
Yea, and for scratchbuild, this is really really cool, keep up the good work!
Hello here is an update on my star wars e-11 blaster. I've added an ammunition counter box to the blaster. The whole gun has been painted flat black with a matte protection coat. I've also added a reticle to the scope. I'm going to take out the white paper behind the reticle. It looks too bright. The only detail I have left is weathering. I'll drybrush aluminum to various areas to illustrate machine wear (I'll add the weathering effects tonight). I'll post more pictures with weathering soon.

And I guess I could start more work on my Smaug diorama project soon.

Looks great. A job well done, and I bet you feel pleased with the end result as I do after a build, and so you should. Good on you.:thumbsup
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