Star Wars Sarlacc pit diorama model project


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My name is Raymond E. Gaustadnes and I'm a creative being, living in Norway, Scandinavia. I've been creating props and usable items out of a myriad of materials over the years, but digital arts and being involved in game creation projects(roleplaying games mainly) has been my main field of interest.

Now and then I like to pull out my tools and create something new, a few weeks ago I made a dead faerie out of SuperSculpey and was asked if I could maybe create something from the Star Wars universe also, the Sarlacc pit as seen in Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars has been one of my fav series of movies, I've created some props based on them, but never anything out of SuperSculpey.So I sat down last week, when my Christmas vacation began, and started working out a plan to create the Sarlacc pit.

Materials and tools used:
-Tin foil
-Building foam
-Various wax carving tools

Progress photos will follow.
3 layers of styrofoam were placed ontop of eachother with the intention of using them as a sturdy support for the pit as I added SuperSculpey to it.

2.Main portion of the pit has been carved out

3.Tin foil added, to prevent that the sculpey bonds with the styrofoam under the baking process.

4.Sculpey is being added.


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5. Sculpt detailing process begins, I'm using a few screenshots of the sarlacc pit from ROTJ that I've found on google for this purpose:




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Next step after detailing the sculpt further, is the painting process:


11.More paint, and then sand is glued to the surface.


13. The painting process is still not finished but it's getting there.

At this point, 6 days have passed from start to this point. The pit opening itself is about 8-10 cm in diameter. Further plans are to use building foam to create a box that this sculpt will sit in, then cover the surface of the building foam with sand and paint and in the end place everything on
a nice wooden platform. This process will most likely take place early January 2015..
Nice build ... between sculpting and painting I guess you baked the super sculpey ... with the styrofoam still underneath the tin foil? Can it withstand the heat of say 100ºC?

Nice build ... between sculpting and painting I guess you baked the super sculpey ... with the styrofoam still underneath the tin foil? Can it withstand the heat of say 100ºC?


I did some research before placing the styrofoam support in the oven, and found out that it had a melting point lower than 130*C.
I then decided to give it a try, as the support was as massive as it was, and I'd sit beside it watching incase it should start collapsing.
After 15-20 minutes, you could see that it would start to twist at the bottom, but not collapse. At the end of the 25-30 min baking time, the styrofoam had visibly shrunk
at the edges but it held.

I'm kinda new to this type of projects so it's learning by trial and error for me, the next similar type of project will likely have wooden style supports.
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