Star Wars saga. Prequels and Sequels.

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So I was chatting to a few friends today about the SW saga, and all the spin offs from it. We were largely in agreement that the sequels have left a massive stain on the Star Wars legacy. I actually can't beleive how easily I have erased the ST from my mind. I never felt like this with the PT, although AOTC is probably easy to forget. I mentioned how the hype leading up to the Special Editions was very good for the PT as it meant Star Wars was back, and the hype when TPM was released was memorable. The fact that the PT were part of the saga because of Anakin and his turning to the dark side really helps the PT to keep momentum going. The ST however was shocking and I never felt the same as with the PT. As I'm one of the lucky ones who was there from the start in he 70s, maybe I expect too much, but it's actually weird how easily I have forgotten the sequels.

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I think part of the reason there is more animosity for the Sequels, beyond being awful, over the Prequels is that Lucas came up with the entire story himself and it was cohesive. I liked the Prequels, but I do get some of the complaints (wooden acting, bad dialogue, etc.), but I liked them and think they fit perfectly. The Sequels felt like the were made by committee and while technically the OT/Prequels were, it was in a good constructive way. The Sequels just felt like everyone wanted to make their mark on SW no matter how dumb the idea or how bad the design and there wasn't anyone in overall control (Lucas) to keep it cohesive and to say "No that isn't Star Wars". They were more worried about fan service and making them as much like the OT than to make an original story. The Prequels at least had a story and they went with it.

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The biggest sin of the ST is that it didn't have Lucas leading the story and character/world design. His greatest special power is how he works with his art teams to create iconic and appealing characters.

So for Disney who knows how important that is to let him go is their greatest failure. The OT and PT merch will always outsell the ST based of it's design and visual appeal alone.
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I didn't see the Sequel Trilogy until this year, but the talk and arguments about them are unavoidable. My dad was really disappointed in The Force Awakens, and I don't blame him (Star Wars was one thing we could bond over when I was growing up). I read the older books and was really hoping Disney would adapt Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy. Frankly, I wasn't sure about how I felt about The Force Awakens when I first saw it, but the best word I can use is "underwhelming." I've seen a lot of critics say it's a ripoff of A New Hope, which I don't disagree with. Admittedly, going into the Sequels openminded was hard.

I didn't think I would enjoy Rogue One, either. I vividly remember my dad caught it on TV a couple years ago and he was not a fan of K-2SO's humor, so that kinda turned me off from it. I watched it with my husband two months ago and would definitely watch it again purely for K-2SO. Everyone's got a different sense of humor. Can't let that stop my enjoyment of a movie. I also liked Rogue One as a whole, and I hope we see more Star Wars movies in that vein.

As for The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker . . . not the worst movies ever made, but also not the greatest. I don't hate them with a burning passion. I feel like they went nowhere with characters that could have been really interesting. I can't say how well they'll hold up compared to the previous six. Wait ten years. I've seen a few people say the Prequels have grown on them, despite their flaws. Perhaps the Sequels will be the same? Not sure. I know it's been about nine years since Prometheus and that still stirs hornet nests with people on Alien forums.


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I don't consider the last three (that claim to be the triligy's conclusion) Star Wars.

Its fun when I am out with my friends and someone wants to debate the topic.

We get to blankly look at each other and roboticly say things like, "Star Wars, was never about epic good and evil, it was about evil corporations getting rich off war."

Close your eyes and lay back, looking asleep, playing charades, your friend gets to say, "Carrie Fischer! 2/3rds of The Last Cash Grab!"

Don't forget to add the sad trmbone

I can go on, but the topic has been beaten to death already.

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Yeah not going to talk about the sequels since thats been done to death but the prequels I do think of them as diamonds in the rough. Could have been good with alot of polish.

i do think they give a reasonable take of how the republic fell and i do think Lucas tried to tell a far more complex story compared to the OT. The execution was just poor though.

i do think it could have been a great trilogy if Lucas had peers to bounce ideas off of and had someone who could have helped him condense the story into a more streamline version, leaving time for character development and relationship building.


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It's easier to remember the prequels being better than they were. Your memories can be selective. There were some really strong things in those movies if you don't have to remember all of them. Or if you're skipping through the slow/cringe parts when you watch them at home.

The sequels are the opposite. Easier to enjoy at the time but less lasting impression.

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I tested the theory of the PT looking better now that we've lived through the ST. Sorry, but no. The PT is just as bad as it's ever been. Lucas changed cinema forever with some great films (incl. American Grafitti), but by the 90s he was just done.

I don't blame him for selling his franchise to Disney and I was never particularly shocked with what they did to it.

TFA was created by a committee (something Lucas is against) and it shows. It's a meaningless, art-less movie.

And then for some reason, Disney allowed a single vision for TLJ and, admittedly, it was original... But it was also horrible.

For TRoS, it was clear that they deferred to the committee once more to undo the billion-dollar damage of the previous film.

Rogue One and Solo were also committee movies (changed directors, reshoots, etc.) and they were also terrible.

But hey, at least we got The Mandalorian, which, again, seems to be the strong vision of a few people who actually know how to "Star Wars".
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What I find interesting about the pt is this. If I ask these questions to most people I get these answers.

Did you like the character design? yes
Did you like the world design? yes
Did you like the creature and alien designs? yes
Did you like the robot/droid designs? yes
Did you like the action scenes? yes
Did you like the costume designs? yes
Did you like the lightsaber fights? yes
Did you like the villains design? yes
Did you like the sound fx? yes
Did you like the music? yes
Did you like the movie? no. too much cg.

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Who is responsible for Jar-Jar. That’s all I want to know.

I have a lot of trouble taking the prequels seriously due to his presence. They are the least watched for me- due to him. The story has depth and width but once he’s on screen it’s like the sand of Tatoine in your shoes. So irritating.

The sequels are just sort of an amusement park ride. They are fun and interesting but not as deeply memorable as the original trilogy. Of course I have not worn out two VHS copies of the six new movies as I did for the originals so that may have something to do with my opinion of them.

Rogue One is one of my favorites. Yes the face replacement could have been better, but I appreciate it more than when a “face” character is replaced by a different face. I like how it was a tragedy with everyone dying. I like that it leads right into Star Wars too. I’ve watched R1 directly into ANH and it works.

Solo I’ve not seen enough of to form a solid opinion but there is only one Harry Ford. So appearance-wise he was fine but he’s just not a young Ford. Story seemed good and the tie ins with the prequels was a nice Easter egg. I think both the female lead and Han could continue with their own series. There’s enough there to work with.

And I agree that I was also disappointed the Zahn novels were not at least referred to for the sequels. Those were approved by Lucas (in a morass of potential ones penned by everyone) and quite good. I have first printings of at least one of them.
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Well, Lucas himself is 100% responsible for Jar-Jar. Of course not counting the digital team and actor who portrayed him. I don't blame them.


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As I understand it, the cast-off underdog rises to be part of Amidala’s staff and that’s a good message. The execution just doesn’t sit with me.


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I wouldnt say I hate the ST, it just killed my interest in Star Wars. Like, stone dead.

I can't bring myself to watch the Mandalorian at all, just not interested anymore.

The Lucas era came from one guy's mind and it had been written decades ago (at least some basic framework). That lent the whole franchise a feeling of realness. Like it was ancient texts about some world that was all out there existing somewhere. And it had a coherent over-arching story in some form. It didn't all stay consistent but there were some strong basics.

The Disney era broke the spell. Their new series didn't mesh with the existing story very well. (Never mind the continuity details. I'm talking about broad themes & character evolution.) In fact that first one, TFA, was the only time the ST felt like they had a plan at all.

In the Disney era SW does not feel like sacred texts anymore. It FEELS like an episodic series being written on the fly. In the back of your mind you know the studio will twist & turn things any which way to keep the movies coming. Like a mediocre Netflix TV series. Or Fast & Furious. It took the wind out of the whole franchise's sails.

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