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Hello all my RPF friends, thought I would jump on here give a bit of a update with out starting a new thread. My eyes are all well now I still have to use some drops in my right eye for pressure concerns but it has came down I can see very good even with out glass's but I do wear them for close up seeing. So I have been busy in the shop doing a bunch of sculpting, I guess I will start some kind of thread on this, mostly making monsters creature heads torn out eyes and some skeleton stuff I have been calling this Nightmare Studios, I am teaming up with a place called Ghostly Productions and they have been keeping me very busy. I will be placing a thread on here so be watching. I will have to study this so to post accordingly. I have made some crazy creatures and aliens eye balls and ripped off heads skeletons everywhere. I do Thank everyone for there likes and comments as said more to happen and more to come many things coming up on a list of more of the same all types of high quality collector Mask and prop heads as well as props in speaking of such aliens in life chambers and the such predator mask bio and the mask its self may be doing a whole suit. I won a high end mask contest that was very cool so going strong eyes are well and new threads coming stay tuned Thanks


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Okay RPF Friends, here is where to look for my new on Sculpture and makeup effects see you there Thanks All for the likes and comments headed that way

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