Star Wars Rebels AT-DP helmet - 3d printed


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Here's an AT-DP helmet from Rebels I made for my son. All 3d printed. Chopped up a cheap pair of goggles for the lenses. Almost done, just need to add the decals and some inner padding. Modeled it in 3ds Max from scratch, printed on my Series 1 printer. Almost 4 days in printing alone. The largest parts took over 36 hours each.
atdp helmet mesh.jpg at-dp 1.jpg at-dp 2.jpg at-dp 4.jpg at-dp 6.jpg at-dp 8.jpg dp 6.jpg dp 4.jpg dp 3.jpg dp 2.jpg


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Holy Sith!

This is one of the most amazing things I've seen in some time, and a super awesome use of a 3D printer.

I have been considering getting into 3D printing, and this has all but sold me. Very nice job!


Will you be offering this 3D file for sale? I have a 3D printer and would love to print this!

Please contact me... and we can discuss a price!



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This looks awesome! Could you pm me the designs for this possibly in a 1:4 scale and we may be able to organise a payment method?

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