Star Wars Rangers of the New Republic (tv series)

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Did I seriously read in this article that Disney is pushing an Emmy campaign for Gina Carano? I didn’t realize all it took to win an Emmy was to read from a teleprompter and smirk occasionally.


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I was hoping to see Appa lead the charge since he is such a huge fan and since Kim’s Convenience was canceled.

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I think part of it is also Sequel damage control (yes we're well aware of how much money they made...). They got a hit series so they got all excited and tried to do a bunch of spinoffs.

I think a series based on the Republic Commandos would rock. They'll never do it though.


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I think it would almost have to be New Republic commando's. Reason being, the originals would simply be someone else's adventures during the clone wars. They sorta did that already with the clone wars

As for this show? It was the one i had the least interest in to begin with. Maybe the development just wasn't what they wanted? I mean, how many years were they developing an Obi Wan movie and and Boba Feet movie/tv show? It's going to wind up being a decade or more between first broach of the subject and release. I don't think this is put on the back burner over one person.


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Leaving the ST/post ST era alone for a while might be a really good idea as there's a lot of divisiveness. I wouldn't be surprised if additional proposed shows/movies get shelved or cancelled.

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