Star Wars Prop Room (kind of) Living Room Lounge Room Pics

barney five

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a little bit of re-arrangement and small modifications to our living room with the beginning of 2012
what do you think?


barney five

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yes these pedestrals are new. these are RGB LED Cubes. they can produce nearly every color you want, including a dimmer and some lightshow programms.


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That is an absolutely gorgeous display! I always say it's not worth having nice replicas if you don't display them well. I put a lot of thought into how I "design" the display of my items - sadly, I don't have a place of my own right now so I can't have all my goodies out to play. I have a number of great items packed away since I simply don't have the room to display them the way they deserve.
Kudos to you....and rep points!!


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Sir that is amazing.

I hope I can have a living room half as awesome as this someday
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