Star Wars Prop rentals in NY CT, NJ area


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I am helping out with a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes and the theme is Star Wars.
It is in the NY area and was wondering if ANYONE knows of a location that rents stuff out like the Don Post life size C-3PO & R2D2?


Anakin Starkiller

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If you put in you're title that your post is refering to a charity event for juvenile diabetes, you might get more people checking out this thread, and thus more responces.

my .02

Dan Stokes

Fyberdyne Labs

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You most likely can't rent them. But maybe a local guy could bring him stuff out and display it. Try contacting the local 501st. Usually they are up for doing things for charity. Anyone in the area want to help a guy out?


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Thanks guys... I am in the local 501st. lol
I wish we had something like that.

...BTW - -good advice Anakin. ;-)