Star Wars mysterious rebel blaster?

Tom Sheldon

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Hi Everyone!
When sorting my old pc games I found the Star Wars Empire at War expansion Forces of Corruption. I have always loved the painted cover images of the EaW games. However when I looked at the rebel troopers in the front of that painting I realized that they had some kind of strange blaster: It looks like an MP5 without magazine and stock!
Anyway the troops in the game are using the famous DH-17 blaster....
Does anyone know what kind of blaster it is? I couldn't find anything like that.




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that´s no "common" or known blaster, neither from the OT/ PT nor thethe EU.

Looks like the artist simply used a H&K MP5 (like you already guessed) for reference to create a new -somewhat unique- blaster. That´s it...



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They also have keyboards on their sleeves so they can play the Star Wars theme at any given moment.

Tom Sheldon

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It's a pity that they used such a well known design like the MP5 and don't even modify it...(well taking out the mag does not count!). Anyway I really like the shoulder armor of the troopers and the helmet variation. Thought about building something like this.
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