Star Wars Lego prop replicas


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At a guess many of you probably already know about Stuart Immonen's Star Wars props made from Lego. However I just found it a moment ago and wanted to share the link. I tried a search and couldn't see a mention in any recent posts apart from someone wanting to buy a Lego saber in the JY.

When I was a kid I used to make Star Trek props (mostly type 2 phasers and flip communicators) from Lego at my cousin's house. Their living room had a revolving chair, a large window looking on to the back garden and a sliding door off it to a small playroom/transporter room. I can't remember if we ever had everyone playing at once but if we did that would have been a crew of 8.



Mike J.

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I remember there was some activity a couple of years ago, when that stuff was first discovered. I believe there were some kits sold, as well.

Here's what I made then:

I've seen a TOS phaser made out of Legos — looked decent.



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There were kits floating around. I haven't done anything in a long time, but some not linked to are:

Luke ANH 2.0:

Luke ROTJ V2:

Imperial Rank and Code Cylinder:


Bastard Maul (render):

And Watto's Chance Cube:

Thanks for the nod. :) And nice work, SSB.