Star Wars: Lanta SAR (original design & lore)

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I am starting a build for a ship I kitbashed 20 years ago. This time it's going to be bigger (1/100th scale). The ship will be based on an upturned C-130 fuselage, kitbash & 3D prints, more details and I even came up with it's lore...

Since I am still gathering materials I don't have much to show at the moment, but I thought I'd start with the lroe. Here we go:


Taw’in Zenna was a quite successful businesswoman. She made a decent amount of credits with trading and was starting to enter the Landspeeder business on several systems.
In 59BBY Taw’in was travelling through a sector that was known for it’s Asteroid fields and was best travelled with a smaller, slow ship that could navigate between the hazardous pieces of rock. To her horror she received a distress signal from within one of the larger astroid fields. She did not dare enter the field, but she tried to call for help from one of the neighbouring systems.
First she relayed the distress call, but no one seemed to hear or care. Then she tried to contact the officials from three systems within range, but no one seemed to feel responsible for that matter. Frustrated and desperate she took things in her own hands and tried to enter the Asteroid field.

The Nav Droid protested, but she was going anyway. Her little 2-seated shuttle had not problems going past all the rock with enough room so she felt pretty safe most of the time. When she got closer to the distress signal, she noticed, that her ship got hit by an increasing amount of little metal bits. It did not take long to find the source. Right before her drifted the remains of a cargo vessel. The whole front was missing and huge holes were ripped in it’s sides. Air and other liquids shot into space from many cracks and breaches in the aft part of the ship. She thought that no one could have survived, but then she was hailed from the ship. She opened a channel.

The ship was called ‚Lanta‘ - a cargo vessel converted to a passenger transport. She never learned the details, but the Lanta seems to have had a navigation failure and came too close to the Asteroids and got hit. A group of people had survived in one of the aft cargo holds.
Taw’in got desperate. Her shuttle was too small to carry more than 3 additional people and even worse, it did not have an airlock, so she had no way of getting to the people trapped inside the Lanta. She again tried calling for help and again she did not get any. The communication was poor but it was clear that no one would be coming. While trying to get anyone to answer her call for help for one more time, the seal of the cargo hold was failing – Taw’in could do nothing but to watch in horror how all those bodies were blown into space, wiggling for a short time and then - nothing. 87 lives where lost in that instant and she could do nothing about it.
Taw’in sat there in the safety of her shuttle and cried her heart out. It took what felt like forever to gain control over herself. In that moment swore to herself, she would never let that happen again. Once she retuned home, she started the „Lanta Foundation“.

The Lanta Foundation was a non-profit organisation whose only mission was „Search and Rescue“ (SAR). For this Taw’in bought two medium sized ships. They were stationed on the Planet closest to the asteroid field and had the order that they HAD to answer and respond to any distress calls within range. The two ships flew many missions and gained a lot of attention from local systems and Taw’in was good in raising funds and closing deals with other systems to agree to support the Foundation and soon even got support from the Republic. Two years later she was able to commission a Ship that was built specifically for rescue missions - the ‚Lanta SAR’

The Lanta SAR was the first of a new type purpose-built for Search and Rescue missions. Her three oversized engines made her very fast and her medium armour and strong front deflectors protected her in debris fields she’d often encounter and the underbelly was thermally shielded for fast emergency reentries. She was lightly armed, mostly for clearing away astroids or lager junks of debris, but also to scare away a Mynok or Scavengers from time to time.
A front facing airlock made it possible to dock with almost any ship. An open hangar on the front made it allowed them to bring in Escape Pods with the help of a tractor beam. Four reconnaissance droids helped scout the surroundings and two tug droids helped to move debris if necessary. It was crewed by 10 People, but could be run by half of that in case of an emergency. Four to six medical droids were on standby in the infirmary.

The Lanta Fleet, that eventually grew to over 20 ships, stationed on different planets had such a great reputation for their Search and Rescue missions and First Responders that many independent Systems granted special rights so they could move freely and do their work.

After the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire, support for the Lanta foundation was dwindling and mistrust grew everywhere which made work much harder. Some Lantas got destroyed during missions because due to the tensions between systems they were mistaken for intruders.

Since part of the Mission was to recover flight recorders for accident investigations, some partied became interested in using the Lantas for espionage since they could obtain vital information without suspicion. It was rumoured that some accidents were staged to cover up intelligence operations.

All that led to a massive loss of trust and made it harder and harder for the Foundation to do their work. This broke Taw’in’s heart and she left the Foundation. She died of age a few year later and it’s said that she was haunted by the 87 should to her last day.

The Foundation was eventually shut down by the empire, claiming they were spying on them and the remaining Lantas were incorporated into the Imperial fleet – for what purpose remains unknown.


Please not that it all is fan faction, but I thing the SW-Universe is big enugh for all of our ideas :)

I will post some updates soon.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-23 um 09.38.36.png

Lanta Foundation Logo

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-23 um 09.38.23.png

SAR Logo
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