Star Wars Identities Cologne 2015


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Hi Guys

Went to Star Wars Identities in Colonge/Geramany on the weekend with my Son (was a sort a B-Day Gift for him...or more for me :p we are both Star Wars Fans so all is good)The bad news is that I brought my Wife's Monster Canon without asking her how it all works, I am no Camera wiz so go figure. Ended up using the ol iPhone, not so bad but the resolution is under par. I am waiting for the Pics my Son took with a better Camera and will Post them later.

I got as many photos of the Falcon as I could and of course all the other stuff as well, some models where almost impossible to shoot as they where to far away in the middle of this huge glas display case.

I was surprised how MATT all the models look in real, I mean Dead Matt. The Star Destroyer almost looks like made out of Architect Cardboard, thats how matt it looks and HUUUGE!!! What a Model!. The Falcon (32") did not have that Warm Color that I thought it would have, its more a pure white almost cold (could have been the lights) and weathered using a lot of Airbrush. The detailing is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! and super clean, that goes for all the models, ILM is for sure "Elite" when it comes to building models like this.

Its was really hard to get good shots due to the Glas reflections and the poor light condition, but it was a great experience to see those models Live none the less.

I uploaded the Photos here if anyone want to check them out. I guess they might come in handy as Ref pics even if they are a bit low res. Will upload the pics from My son ASAP

IMG_1897.jpg IMG_1940.jpg IMG_2073.jpg IMG_2094.jpg IMG_2164.jpg
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That show looks a lot better than the one in 2006 here. It didn't have Stormtrooper, Boba, any TIEs, no Rebel fighters (except X and Y-Wings). That Tusken Raider/Jawa display is the exact same one that was here though.


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Sigh! I cannot look at Flickr as it almost immediately pops-up the Bad Panda screen every time... Glad you had a cool adventure with your son, mate!

Regards, Robert
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