Star Wars Episode III - Darth Vader - WIP


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Its awesome to see THIS level of detail applied on what is a really intensive build, The soft parts look excellent, and the eye for accuracy is great! Subscribed to this thread!

Jehudah Design

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Thanks for the good words, everyone :D

@Turrican - The chestbox I bought was a prototype that was already painted, but I modified it to make it more screen accurate and had to sand away most of the front to do so, plus it's best to spray paint it with the same brand of black spray paint that I will use on every other part of the costume anyway to make it all match. There's always a slight difference in hue in all spray paint brands, no matter how "black" they are.

Here's a photo of the prototype box, showing an edge between the side curves and the flat front. Possibly the box was cast from a Rubie's one while the parts were measured off the screen used costume, I don't know.

I had to put several layers of fiberglass on the inside to make the front thicker since most of the original front had to be removed to make the sides flow perfectly from a round edge towards the flat front, just like the screen used chestbox.

Here's the original screen used chestbox for comparison. I also widened the coinslot openings on mine to make those more screen accurate too, but have no photos.


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Great work. The attention to detail is unparalleled!! Do you just have that equipment or does your job utilize it?

Jehudah Design

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@Turrican - Then maybe it is. I've never owned one so can't say for sure, but all I know is that my prototype box and parts should have the right overall dimensions measured off the screen used chestbox, so with my modifications, it should be accurate.

@spolen23 - Thanks :D I've just accumulated lots and lots of neat machines and tools that work well for costume building, plus I do things the Norwegian way that always works no matter what :p


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WOW...your gloves are amazing!!!! Any chance you'd be willing to make another set? My ROTS Vader is due for new gloves and yours are the most accurate out there!


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I second that for the gloves, rather impressive and detailed :) if you do a run of these let us know, thats one part of my costume I would like to upgrade