Star Wars Ep 7 Stormtrooper Helmet - Cardboard Pepakura build


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Hi guys, I've returned back in 2015 for a new project- the episode 7 stormtrooper helmet!
I found the files online but cannot remember who they belong to (I will credit them as soon as i trace the link!)
I am using cardboard and the exact same methods as my Iron Patriot from last year. I am also going to be filming videos for Youtube this time- i will link the videos here. currently i have assembled the helmet with cardboard albeit it needs some final cardboard glued in certain places. I'm not too sure that the current shape is accurate- is it? if not, where can i adjust the helmet (please leave a comment!). In the next week or two I'm hopefully going to apply two layers of PVA-Water mixture to strengthen the helmet for Fibre glassing. but for now here are the pics of the helmet in its current state-

pics- IMG_9886.JPG IMG_9884.JPG IMG_9887.JPG IMG_9878.JPG IMG_9879.JPG IMG_9881.JPG IMG_9882.JPG IMG_9883.JPG


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I have applied a layer of Fibre Glass Resin on the outside of the helmet- it is not drying as fast as i had hoped but i've moved it to a hot room to help it set. IMG_0201.JPG IMG_0200.JPG


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Sorry to ask (since this might have already been asked) but is there a pepakura file for this? Like a .pdo or whatever it's called. (Still fairly new to this, sorry). Thanks!
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