Star Wars Days, LEGOland Florida 21st and 22nd of February 2015


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Hey guys'n'gals

Are any of you planning on going to the LEGO Star Wars Days in LEGOland Florida on the 21st and 22nd of Feb ??? I'll be there for a "Meet a LEGO Star Wars Designer" event, and I'd love to hook up with some of you guys :)

I should arrive in Orlando / Winter Haven Friday 20th and fly back to Denmark some time Monday 23rd.

Hope to meet some of you there :D
I was not able to make it. How was it? I saw some coverage on the local news and some of the displays looked really good.
It was really nice. Nice meeting some AFOLs and a lot of kids. Means everything to meet the endusers of the products you design.

I missed 501st at the event. So sad that Disney is so hard to coop with because the legoland park is so close to Disney Orlando
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