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Hey Im kinda New to making props I started making lightsabers about a year and a half a go and went from there.

Ive done quite a bit of work with cars modding and fitting body kits,painting them and rebuilding engines so Ive always been making things. I am trying to build me up a CV of props pretty much to tryn get some work in prop departments.

I will update this thread with my work in progress pics and finished pics as I build them.

here are some pics of my custom lightsabers and the swtor sith warrior custom armor costume I made.
they are listed in the order I created them in.


Introducing "Fierfek"

"Fullmerge Benzin"

Fullmerge Benzin

"Azalus Rulya"

"Azalus Rulya" an amplified saber staff..

"Muur's Revoke"

"Muur's Revoke" My 2011 custom saber comp entry

and finally (for now)

my SWTOR Sith warrior costume.

"Darth Manic"

I havent really done a write up for the armor yet this is as close as ive got
Darth Manic

Cad bane dart blaster I modded and then painted.
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Re: hand made custom sabers,swtor sith warrior armor and more.

hey Akrm...fancy seeing you here :)

thanx for the kind words.
Re: hand made custom sabers,swtor sith warrior armor and more.

Hey guys thought id share the hasbro E-11 I have repaired, upgraded,kitted out and painted over the last two weeks.

This is a 95 hasbro E-11 that I found in the long grass out the back of my brothers house. my nephews had been given it as an already broken and not going hand me down from some family friends kids. it had been outside its entire life,had broken and missing fins,no battery pack cover,every single square edge was worn round,scope was broken and the sound card didnt go at all.

as you can see here:

So I opened her up rewired the board,replaced the speaker and then gave her some juice..and to my surprise she fired straight up!

I then got to work building the rest of the circuit which includes a 4x AA 4.8v in-blaster rechargable battery pack (built into the pvc pipe) with a 2.1mm recharge port located in the end cap, a new .25w speaker which i glued the old rubber too, 2x 3mm red leds in the scope and one Lux I 1w red led in a lightsaber style set up for the core.

heres the internal pics:

after I had completed the internals I started on the repair..which was a lot of epoxy resin and I didnt really take any progress pics for a while. I repaired and replaced the fins, bogged out the battery box on the handle and I redid all the corners so they were all straight again. last on the repair list was the trigger which i had to make two new support rods for and I cut it onto a better shape before reinstalling. (every part of this blaster was broken)

Then it was time for the custom stuff...I found an awesome reference pic site that features the "bapty" e11 screen used prop.

so to start off I added two new fins to the central vents (no t tracks as I wanted you to still see the lighting id made for it).

I built a custom front for my scope with a shampoo bottle head and a 7* colimator led lens, I cut the middle of the rear scope cap out found a bottle cap with a circle and x style reticle in it and glued some mylar film to the front so that when the scope was off the screen goes silver and blank but when lit its red and you can see the reticle.

I then marked and cut out to new grips from an old cordless drill box (they have a nice grip texture and its a nice soft plastic).

next up I marked out and cut up an old fridge icebox for my folding stock parts..I used pics of a real e11 scratch build to help draw out the plans. when the stock was assembled it actually worked but being plastic was a little flimsy so I glued the stock to the barrel. then I added the little fins on the end cap,cut some fridge magnet words up for the s and two o's which i made a 500 from to look like the real counter.

I had already bogged out the badly damaged top speaker grill so i decided to chop out the lower and replace it with real speaker grill..which was great it now has the same amount of opening as it had with top and bottom vents.

I found a couple small washers and screws and used them for the front of the range finder thingy thats molded into the gun. I also replaced all fake screws with real ones of the appropriate size and cut out the scope rail.

for the sights I cut out some plastic and melted a lighter refill nozzle for the front and added the little middle part to the rear sight. (not screen accurate as bapty is but bapty is a solid rear sight)

the clip was a small cardboard box I get my premium lightsaber speakers in mated with a pvc tube I cut in half..after trying to build a box and clip set up it looked like crap so I decided I would use the hasbro design and extend it, as well as giving it a better clip ejection button.
I also cut up my solder reel and melted to half circles into its sides for the emitter and then mounted a 5*colimator lens into it.
next I melted a hole and glued in the cocking lever i made.
last but not least I added the little middle sight part to the rear scope.
then it was onto its chrome under coating of which it got 3 coats I then gave it 4 coats of satin black and started attacking it with the sand paper while looking over the "bapty" hellishly beaten props....I decided to go with the really worn look...after Id scratched and worn some black paint away I took a small bit of foam with some silver on it and used it to highlight the harder to scratch up I got out the gold arclic and mixed it with a little black for a bross type color and added detailing to the scope...I even wrote "telescope m40" around the cap but I made it hardly visable and sanded it off can still read bits tho like in the real props.

I ended up deciding i didnt like the trigger guard so i chopped it off and I used knead it epoxy putty to make a new trigger and then replaced the guard with one off a stuffed slug gun , I got my hammer and beat the metal guard into a new shape to fit. I used some 2 part epoxy to glue the trigger guard on.

Ok sorry for the huge story but it was a huge build! All finished now so heres the updated pics!

I went a bit over board with the weathering but in the end it has quite a battle worn look to it which i like.
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Re: star wars customs: new E-11 conversion

I love your modded Hasbro E-11! It looks fantastic. I used a widley available resin upgrade kit on my Hasbro a few years ago, but never added any extra lights. Using a Luxeon in the barrel is awesome. I may have to rip mine apart now.
Re: star wars customs: new E-11 conversion

Yes I was going to hold out for a resin kit...but got bored and starting adding a few more little things and then decided id just build my own kit.

The leds looks really good at night and im still on the first battery charge 2 weeks later with a lot of use everyday.

Il update the pics in a few days when ive got the tears,knockers and a few little paint touch ups done.
Re: star wars customs: new E-11 conversion

sorry just bumping cause Ive finished it and I updated the pics with much much better ones and ive added a new trigger guard,trigger, tear drops and the door knocker and generally tidied it up a bit.
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Re: star wars customs: new E-11 conversion

hey guys ive been working on a cheap 2 peace halo helmet the past few was a 2peace thin plastic jobby which i glued together,filled with foam and then cut all the details off. I then went at it with a lot of bog and sanding. 5 days filling and sanding later I was ready to apply my resin.

and here she is with a fresh coat of resin on (the mustard color is just primer to stop the resin melting the the foam)

so this is a major work in progress...for starters it has a boba fett style face plate that goes over the front part....all will be revealed in time
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little update..ive glued and resined on the base for the side details,the face plate,rear control panel and the little mohawk thing.

down and glued to the top. I sat them on the helmet for the photos, they will be glued on once the helmets painted.

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Updates: I cut out a bunch more abs plastic for the mohawk tops, side panels and range finder. I took the hand nuts and washers from a welding mask and decided they would be my extra rear details and then I gorilla glued it all on, filled the gaps and sprayed it metallic silver. I gave it a good sand to remove the major lumps before applying two coats of Epiglass over the top.

as you can see shes looking a little rough in the photos because of the two new resin coats yet to be sanded and filled.

the range finder folds up and down but I still need to do some shaping on the lens peace.
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Those are truly unique builds. I especially like the first saber you did and your custom sith costume. I've been working on some SW TOR weapons and armor as well.
haha Thankyou! seems like im not the only one who knows a little huttese eh?

Id love to see your TOR builds...the old republic pretty much inspired me to start all this :)
haha Thankyou! seems like im not the only one who knows a little huttese eh?

Id love to see your TOR builds...the old republic pretty much inspired me to start all this :)
Well I haven't actually started a physical build of the TOR stuff I'm working on yet . I'm still in the 3d modeling phase for the most part, then I'll be releasing the new pep files.
ooh cool I dont have a damned printer or I would have given pepekura a go already.

when I get a decent printer Il be looking for some good pep files.
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