Star Wars Clone Trooper Weapons: Ongoing project

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    So in light of not being able to find a DC-17 Realistic blaster I ended up creating my own file, I'm having this one 3d Printed and will be posting ongoing photos of it, I'm also creating an animated version of the DC-17 as well, and later plans for the DC-15 Blaster and Rifle by the end of the year I plan to have production models that I will be selling as hollow resin blanks. I hope you like my work and stay tuned for more. You can also follow me on Facebook for more updates on my work Crixe Tutorials and Design

    Screenshot 2015-09-11 14.19.31.jpg
    The DC-15 realistic version in all it's glory.

    holster.png Before and After Screenshot 2015-09-11 20.51.11.png

    I crafted a holster for it but the original design had some fitting issues so I modified it inside and out to create a glove like fit with a little play on the sides so foam could be lined inside to prevent damage to the gun when holstered.

    Screenshot 2015-09-11 18.51.54.png Before and After re design Screenshot 2015-09-11 20.33.40.png

    You can expect to see further updates on this gun by late fall, as well as the animated variant as well.

    All guns are made with 501st quality standards in mind for detail.
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    DC-17 Animated Version with Holster done as a request. This gun was created for a Rex animated costume. The overall feel was to give it a imposing look similar to the feel you get from the animated show.

    Screenshot 2015-09-12 19.21.51.jpg
    Screenshot 2015-09-12 20.16.27.png
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    Nearly completed work on the DC-15S
    Screenshot 2015-09-13 23.23.15.png
    Screenshot 2015-09-13 23.33.48.png
    Clip will be removable I expect most people to use small magnets to hold it in place as well as I will likely make the clip a bit longer so that it doesn't get knocked out but when connected I want to make it trigger the lights. The DC-17 is in the works for being printed soon but I won't have time to finish it till after October as I have two conventions coming up.

    Screenshot 2015-09-13 23.37.05.png

    As an added measure I've created a water mark that will be hidden on my weapons,of course this can be easily covered with body filler it is there as my makers mark.

    I hope you all enjoy my work as I will soon be posting the real parts and not just the drawings.
    Future Plans - DC-15R - Blaster Rifle, then probably the Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon always liked that one. After that I'll keep looking for more clone and start on the republic commando weapons and maybe even some of the older weapons storm trooper weapons etc. Also working on some armor for the Realistic Art Trooper Fives so I will be creating that whole suit it's an add on part to an existing clone something of an upgrade. I'll probably whip together some of the parts that are generic or usable by anyone as Pep files // with Sewing patterns depending on the part. For the moment I'm looking to do the whole clone weapon line up of all major weapons used by clones focusing on realistic style over animated however I will make One off custom animated style files by request with payment or trade only
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    My finished DC-15S model, this one is going to be something to print but I'm planing on printing it in several parts the handle/trigger/body/barrel/arms/clip are all seperate and all parts are pre-drilled (and digitally bolted together) sized to 26" in length this is my largest rifle yet.
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    Just a heads up before printing it. I think the tip of the barrel is too small/thin/narrow, and the front sight things are too thick
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    I did a remodel here is what it will look like I'm printing it now actually. Some of the parts are done already but about 7 more to go. But I totally agree it needed a beefing and I did more than just that.

    A side note I also redid the knurling to be more accurate to the real thing.

    The DC-17 is printed, it needs lots of sanding and finishing but here is the rough out.



    Currently the DC-15 is running about 80 hours to print fully, I've got the handle done and the mag but it's a very very big piece 28" long on a printer that can't handle more then 8" I had to cut it up a lot.

    To give you an idea on scale here is the Handle print rough out (yeah it's rough I'm gonna use filler all over it and do a lot of sanding. also the screws will be replaced with real ones.)
    For scale reference here is the mag.

    Not sure why there is an attached file can't remove it anyway. ​

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